Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Little Dragon: 8 Months

I LOVE documenting a baby's development in the first year.
It's like they are all super human.

Imagine if we continue to develop at such a phenomenal rate?
Astounding, huh?
<<< >>>
My Super Girl is 8 months old.

Last night, wide awake at 2 AM
I tried inducing sleep with boobs....failed.
So, I joined her in making a ruckus to irritate a snoring Papa.
Serves him right.

At 8 am this morning.....probably her most unflattering shot, ever


She usually naps twice during the day BUT sometimes (like last night)
she decided to 'nap' from 8-10 PM.

Needless to say, the maid got an earful from me.
Sorry man, if I come home from work at 10.30 PM,
the last thing on my mind is to play puppy with my cutie pie.

Luckily for Lil Dragon, her mom has no principles when it comes to her.
Oh yeah......we played till 2 AM.

She is still addicted to the boobs and I am addicted to her smell.
Soooo.....this is going to be tough BUT I like.


She is going to grow up to be a......

a. body builder
b. wrestler
c. Wing Chun master
d. All of the above

At 8 months old, she is able to stand independently, momentarily.

She generally gets into a squatting position before pushing up on her legs
into a wide-legged stance for 2 seconds

She is able to take baby steps with support 

Oh, she 'fights' with Tiger now.
Mini tug-of-wars
Shouting at each other.

And she makes faces too...
Especially when displeased.

Frankly, she scares me a little.
I can foresee a lot of trouble with this feisty one.

No idea where all these attitude came from ><


Guess who is her favorite person in the whole wide world?
Her chummy?
Her best friend?


She probably factored in the BOOBS into the equation
but hey....I'll take it!

Play is serious business for this little girl.
She LOVES toys.
Can't stay away from them...hehe....definitely got it from me.


Papa wins here. 
Hands down

Everything is 'papapa'

The remote

The stacking toy

The papa

The mama

Occasionally, she mumbles mama....

then its goo gawaa na eh ak wahhhhhhh

yeah....that's about it.


She is more adventurous when it comes to tickling her taste buds.

She takes a bowl of porridge twice a day.

3 servings of expressed breastmilk

2 servings of Enfalac A+ OR Snow Brand (whichever is available)

Unlimited fresh mama's milk at night.

Baby girls are sooooo adorable....

Just to keep up with my Crazy Mom persona.  
Here she is, in Tiger's class

Do I have to 'read'?

This is edible, right? Who cares...I will eat it anyway...

 This girl thinks that books are tasty.
Oh, so are Tiger's puzzle pieces...hehe

Tiger, rushing to save his beloved puzzle...

Love these munchkins to bits....

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