Friday, 22 March 2013

Outdoor Learning: Our New Classroom

Hubs bought this rocker/table from ToyRus a month ago.
According to him, this was a superb purchase, 2-in-1.
I believe it was the alcohol talking.

Thanks to him (our main sponsor), we now have an outdoor classroom
It is also near Tiger's plants, so that he remembers to water them on a daily basis.

Rocker/table RM 299. No discount. Boo!

We have used it to make playdough, painting, etc.
Mostly messy stuff that would have driven me mad indoors.
After class, I just hose down the entire thing.

I mentioned salt writing sometime back, remember?
It drove me mad trying to sweep up those that ended up on the floor.
My lousy hand held vacuum could only do dust :(
When I took the box outdoor for our second attempt.....
 Hoot! Hoot!
Salt on the floor?
No problemo!
So good for my blood pressure :)

We used it to write Chinese characters from 1 to 10

"er"  (2)

"san"  (3)

 Then,  I thought..."Hey, this is not messy enough"
So, we did this too :)

We added some coloured chalk shavings

 Blue salt!

Genius, right?
Just like colored sand. Only way cheaper.

I love Pinterest :)

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