Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Montessori: Mystery Bag

The mystery bag is probably the easiest Montessori material to DIY.

Unless you have a buying problem, like me, this is easily replicated with a bag
and objects around the house. 

Ours was purchased from kids.net (can't find it on their site anymore)
The mystery bag is used for refining the stereognostic sense.
The proper steps are outlined here at infomontessori

The prerequisite for this task would be the
 child already know the names of the items.

To start with, you can use different objects with different textures,
sizes and shapes.

To reinforce his sight words, I turned the puzzles pieces over, 
so that only the names are visible.

They were simple ones like:
Shape: square, circle, triangle, heart, cross
Animals: dog, cat, cow, sheep, rabbit, 
Transportation: car, train, aeroplane, bicycle,

Despite very gentle instructions to feel and and not see,
the half-monkey was cheating.
He wanted to pick out the Oppa Gang man Style aka human

Finding 'human'.
We took turns, so that I can demonstrate.
We also used this to practise his HSP.
He guessed everything wrongly...because he was in the mood to....

shake his bum bum....
So,  I recorded his video (which he loves)

And we ended up like this.

I guess it is no mystery how much I adore this half monkey. 

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