Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pretend play: Supermarket

I LOVED pretend play as a kid. 
My siblings and I didn't have a lot of props,
 so we had to use our imagination.

Having kids is like reliving my childhood.
I am a big kid at heart, which explains my addiction to my babies.
And this blog.

Here is the Supermarket using his train table and Ikea desk:

We have 'fresh' produce, canned/bottled goods, fresh eggs
and some 'homemade' candies

He was especially proud of the candies we made with his
one and only Playdoh set and green homemade dough.
So, must display nicely...

I predicted that would be the BESTSELLERS.
{They were! There was one crazy lady who bought every last piece!}
Purple rack: Daiso

 In every great business, there must be advertisement.
Money you cannot scrimp.
Of course in reality, RM 1 for everything would bankrupt us.
But hey, this is pretend play and it's easy for my young storekeeper
to write his bill.

On opening day, business was really good.
The same crazy lady came back, like, 5 times.

 He is wearing a tag that says 'Manager'
helping the lady with her Shopping List.

I decided to use an abacus instead of a calculator

Writing a receipt.
See why everything is 1 ringgit?

Packing the customer's goods.

We exchanged roles but he refused to gimme the 'Manager' tag.

Here's the reality.
Despite the elaborate planning, he will only play when I invite him.
And he kept asking Grandma what she wanted...he he....

Otherwise, he is like, "Play ball, mama!"
No creativity, this one.

So, we play ball :)


甯妈妈 said...

nice~may i know where u bought all the canned/bottled goods?

Jessica Tan said...

The canned goods came with the shopping trolley from Toy city. During sales can get 20% off :)

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