Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Outdoor play: Water guns and ping pong balls

Finally, the rainy season has passed by and we can now resume outdoor play again.


I love taking Tiger outside, even if it was for 5 minutes.

Otherwise, he becomes agitated and a little psychotic from being 
cooped up in the house all day.

Since I work during the weekdays and never see sunrise on weekends,
we usually do stuff in the evenings.

He loves going to the lake nearby to feed the tortoise and fish.
I think we created some of our best memories from simple walks.

Like the time he first got acquainted with the large husky named Bounty.

when he jumped up and down in glee with 
the biggest ear-to-ear grin in anticipation of feeding the tortoises
with some old bread.

Real simple things....

Last weekend, he wanted to play with his large water gun.
Since he was still coughing, swimming was out.

So, I took out some golf tees and ping pong balls for target practice.

It took a lot of coaxing for him to actually touch the tee and grass.
It was dirrrrty *roll eyes*

Pressing the tees in to the ground.

 Placing the ball gingerly

He kept laughing and giggling.
Best part for him was probably scooping water.

I tried to sneak in a science-y lesson of sink or float
with the balls and a stone.
He thought I meant sink to wash up and threw everything inside.
He he....kids.

Since we are in a tropical country and Dengue fever is as common as fast food,
we always apply this before leaving the house.

Mozzie Clear Lotion from Buds.

Every evening, Tiger would hold the tube in his hands 
and 'promote'

"We put this and go park, okay?"

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