Friday, 15 March 2013

Little Tiger: 2 Years 9 Months

He's turning 3 in 3 months :)

This will be mostly an anecdotal record for him.

As a busy 2 year old, his daily personalities include:

1. The Bully

"Mama. Today I beat mei-mei three times"

"The head, hand and poke eyes"

That was a lie. I confirmed with Grandma.

Either that or Grandma's the liar.

2. The Boss

"Kakak, come here. This one you throw. This one you keep. Later I want use"

3. The Interior Decorator

"Mama. I help you clean."

Move toys around 

Mom roll eyes and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I help. Wait let me think first"

4. The Potty User

"Today Tiger so clever. I use potty to ta pian"


"Yes. I ta pian little bit only"

Shows me about a centimeter between his thumb and forefinger.

That is in fact the truth.

Still has issues pooping into the potty.

5. The Pacifier Addict

"Nai-nai, I wan cuit-cuit"

"Cannot. Ask your mama"

I will usually deploy some massive distraction.

One day, his craving was so bad,
 he pop mei-mei's tiny MAM one into his mouth.

6. The Courteous

He has been saying "thank you" without prompting.

Thank God!

7. The Crazy

"Mama, I tell you, I LURVE mei mei"

Next second, "Eh NOOOOO ah, don't come here. Go away"

Five minutes later, "Mei mei so cute"


"I no like you"

Repeat 20x

8. The Gatal 

He is a superb poser now.

Fake smile and all 

 9. The Accountant

His latest 'it' thing
The calculator

10. The Musician?

We went for YAMAHA trial class last week and he nailed it, like spot on, okay?

Did everything he was supposed to and I was practically salivating to pay for registration when the lady at the counter said,

"Oh, he is the one who is not yet three right?"

Oh Shit. Should I lie
"Err yeah. He will be three in June" I added hopefully.

The lady replied solemnly, "Wait for July class lar. 
His hands won't be strong enough"

Seriously, I very nearly wanted to strangle the woman because:

1. Tiger is bigger than most of the other three year olds.

2. He has the fattest baby hands

3. I called the center at 5.30 pm to ask about trials and she said "Come at 7 o'clock lar" Therefore, I did not eat or wash my greasy hair.

4. Most importantly, he LOVED the class.

Patience is a virtue...I know...I was probably too hungry and greasy.

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