Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Messy Art: Bathroom Picasso

Since I am too tired/lazy/busy for art with Tiger these days,
we started doing more in the shower.

Art stuff we keep in the bathroom:
1. Finger paint
2. Paintbrushes
3. Bath crayons
4. Window markers
5. Water gun
6. Spray can

 On this day, I painted the wall red and gave him some clay modelling tools
We scrapped patterns.

 I bought a pack like this from Popular for about RM 5, I think.

Before washing, I will use the wall for some learning.

When we first started, he usually requested for randomly painted alphabets.
Then he will find A to Z and shoot them with the water gun.

Then it was some CVC words.

Now, we spell out words like chocolate, calculator, I love you, etc

This is me being creative with the S3

Usually we do this butt naked but for modesty's sake, he was allowed a shirt.

Vocabulary/Spelling/Art + Fun = Happy Mom

He enjoys doing this on a daily basis.

Even when I am just in the toilet for a No 2, he will be bugging me,

"So hot.....shower?"

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