Thursday, 28 March 2013

Messy Art: Bathroom Art Material Setup

This setup is probably the reason why I never shower alone anymore.

 Top (from left to right):
Crayola Window Markers
ELC Bath Crayons
ELC Knob brushes
Water Gun from Toy R us

Pebeo Brand Finger paint (blue, red, green, yellow)
Crayola BRIGHT Finger paint
Spray cans

*Brushes: The blue and yellow brushes are M&D Jumbo brushes. Good quality.  The handles are rounded and large (like my butt). I bought them ages ago from Mothercare (sale lar, of course) when Tiger was very young so that he doesn't poke himself in the eye. Eye patches only look good on pirates. Same theory applies to the knob brushes.
Recently, I bought some cheap ones from Becon. (Used here as well). Comes in 3 different sizes. The brushes were okay in terms of painting but do be careful when washing up as the metal edges are not tucked into the wood.

 We are so in love with the new Crayola Bright colours.

I named them;

Purple (yawn...) He insisted.

Gotta love the colours! 
Remember to look for BRIGHT on the box if you want these.

The Crayola Brand (RM 39)  is more runny compared to the Pebeo ones (RM 49 from craft shop) but they both work fine. I personally like finger paint because you don't have to add water and the consistency is easy for toddlers to apply. Also, they come in tubes, so Tiger can help himself.

We encourage free art expression. I don't believe or intend to send Tiger for Art Classes. Here's someone more experienced and better writing skills; putting my thoughts into perspective. Do read it Janet Lansbury

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