Thursday, 28 March 2013

Parenting: Split Personality

Toddlers...sigh....their erratic behavior will be the death of me.

In a single day......

Tiger without Grandma 
We can go for  ice cream, book stores or my workplace when its just the two of us. Sometimes, I bring him along when I shop for clothes. He even picks out clothes for me. If you think I dress weird, you now know the reason. In other words, ***angel***

"Mama, I love you"
I shall put on my seat belt.
Mama, I want to read.
/m/ /a/ /t/ mat, etc
Removes/put on own shoes
Goes potty alone
Speaks in proper sentences

Tiger WITH Grandma   
One word: ***barbaric***

"Mama. You go away"
I want bread. Then, I want ice cream. Complete act with full blown tantrum and  epileptic like kicks.
You. Take off my socks. Now.
Come see me pee. Now.
Too hot
Then, too cold.
Speaks in a language understood only by monkeys.

I feel like pulling my hair out followed by head banging on wall sometimes. Usually I just use my special "LASER EYES LOOK" reserved for bad behavior.  He usually gets the message but last night, I was driving out of the shopping complex after my maid completed her shopping (She is going back to Cambodia for 2 weeks. Btw, you will never guess what she bought).

It is routine for him to insert the parking ticket but in view of his bad attitude, I explained, "Bad behavior = no ticketing". Privilege withdrawn. Obviously he has selective hearing because he started bawling and of course, he got his way. Think MIL. The best part, he wanted to insert the ticket AGAIN. Hello?

I turned into Tiger Mom (voice pitch and volume up a notch, maybe several notches) and these were my exact words,
"Why are you behaving like this? Are you a monkey? Do you think I have nothing better to do than going into the parking lot again just so that you can have another ticket? I won't. Understand?"

With a quivering voice, he replied, "Yes. I understand"

No crying, no tantrum, no turning to Grandma. Back to being my angel again.

On the other hand, Lil Dragon is always angelic :) Aaah, babies...gotta love'em.

Oh, my maid bought false eyelashes...ha ha...of all things to buy. And mascara.
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