Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Art & craft: Our Mini Art Centre

I have mentioned our little art centre several times now, and I am proud to present to you,
ummm, the art center.

Actually, I just wanted to show off our new pocket chart..hehe
Simply because it was so darn hard to find in Malaysia.
Most of the learning supply stores sell it in a set with the cards and it cost a bomb.

I like that our chart is a lovely shade of teal (new colour for Tiger to learn)
 I am calling it the Teal Chart. Hah!
Cute or not?

Now I know you are dying to find out where I got it from.
I'll tell you in my next post..hehe
Just kidding, don't worry, I share everything cause I am caring :p
Its from http://www.kids.net.my/ for RM 39.90 (members get 10% discount)
They only have a few yellow ones left, so don't bother rushing if you want teal or blue.

I was excited to have the chart for our Letter M for Math week.
I have just only pimped out his room in numbers this morning with his Math tot trays, charts, etc.
To say he loved it was an understatement.
He went nuts!! Jiggly dance and all kinda nuts...LOL

Here we are matching numbers to the dots.(God, I look like I am balding from this angle. Thanks, hubs)

Another view of my our beloved chart.
It is hung with Velcro (hook and loop) and easily removed to reveal
a large dry erase board for more artistic doodling.

These are our art supplies that wouldn't cause too much damage to the walls.

Top row: Stickers
2nd row: Cleaning supply
3rd row: Dot painters (ALEX and ELC)
4th row: Crayons (Crayola, ELC and Crayola Dry Erase)
5th row: Crayola Jumbo Markers, Pip Squeaks & paintbrushes
Pocket charts: Daiso

He has free access to all these at any time.
So far, so good.
There has only been one incident where he threw some markers on the floor during a tantrum.
We are working on the throwing habit.
I'll always say it is painful and make him sayang-sayang & kiss the things he throws.
Worked like a charm ^.^

I display all of his work.
Btw, the mini broom is from Daiso. So cute!
There is also a bucket with sponge, dustpan and spray for him to pretend-clean-up!

Tiger's mini easel and dry erase center are also displayed.
Since I got the large dry erase from Becon (50% discount),
 I have flipped the easel from white to blackboard for him to try chalks, not a hit yet..

I am thrilled that Tiger love art!
It is a small space but we make do with whatever is available :)

If I am filthy rich, I would do this:

...but I am deeply grateful to have more than enough

So, let's make each day count!
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