Monday, 21 November 2011

Tot School: Stacking Cups and Maths

This boy have always loved stacking cups.
 One of his earliest favourite toys was this from IKEA

So, when I gave him the ELC ones, he was thrilled!
It was challenging as the cup sizes were just slightly differentiated.
So. he just stacked as he liked and nested upwards...

I thought I was smart to entice him to do some learning with the cups.
He didn't budge, at all!
I love the cups though, it has numbers embossed at the bases.

He also enjoyed learning with his ELC foam numbers
and moving them individually from tray to mat.
He's really good at saying 'six' and eight'. The rest of the numbers still sounded gibberish..

These are the numbers that he arranged from the mat to the floor.
The order is not right but I realized that he is able to recognize numbers.
Just to be sure, I turned a few upside down and sideways.
He gave me a dirty look and corrected them

The next day, he decided to do some one-on-one correspondence work.
He took the cups and numbers and placed one into each cup!

My busy little bee!

Nowadays, I rarely interrupt his work.
I just sit in the corner and watch him.
Ok, sometimes I fall asleep but that's not the point..
Unless he is working with puzzles, he rarely ask for help.

I can recite the numbers 1-10 a thousand times and he wouldn't repeat after me.
So, I don't.
I ask Youtube to do it on my behalf....wahahaha...
The little rascal love music, so he dances and repeats after this song
Tiger dance like Mr Bean, I am dead serious..

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