Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shopping: Buying Grolier Products

If you are into early learning materials, I am sure you would have heard of Grolier. It is a good brand, no doubt but I have to say I am not impressed at all with their customer service and management at all.

Reasons why I am not happy:

1. I bought from a dishonest Grolier salesperson. Let's call him Mr D. This Mr D is a sleazy salesperson. He made lots of promises that he didn't live up to and as a paying customer I am pissed.

2. When Mr D found out that I had lodged a complaint to the company, he called up after 3 months and promised to follow up, which he didn't.

3. The Grolier company called me up several times to enquire about the issue and offered me 2 sets of books in exchange for the remainder of the monthly installment in one payment. Huh?
They didn't turn up TWICE.

4. A representative decided that he was free on 3rd of this month and called me out of the blue to inform me he was on the way to my house. Then he called me at least 10 times for directions while I was at work. GPS? He also had the audacity to inform me to bank in the money before I read the statement!!

Needless to say, I won't be buying anything else from them. Alas, my Little Tiger LOVE the Fun Thinker grid and tiles...

He chose the activity from the shelf and proceeded to work on it by himself:

Here he flipped the tiles from colours to numbers
I'll say the numbers as he places them

Most of the numbers are placed correctly except those in in teens

When I pointed out the mistake, he was pissed and poured everything out :p
He also change the direction he places them

See, again sixteen is upside down again :)

He moved further away when I wanted to flip the tiles..hehe

He also used them to stack in the little hole on his desk :)

I bought the Logico Piccolo, Logico Primo and the Words, Words, Words set as well 
 The Grolier products ain't cheap, so I was expecting better services.


If you are interested in this product, there are many other copy cat versions available, like this:
Xiao Tian Cai
 You can get it at for RM 135

The Logico set is also available in a cheaper Chinese version for RM380 from
The content is nearly the same:

If I had known there were alternative versions to the Grolier products, hmmm....
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