Thursday, 13 October 2011

How to Calm A Sick, Cranky Little Tiger

Tiger is sick agin :(

Thanks to Daddy's terrible viral infection, now I have two babies in the house.

Tiger has had remitting fever for the past two days now and it peaked last night. This is his fourth infection.

Isn't it the worst when your kid is ill and you feel bad but you are unable to take away the boo boo?

At 2.30am, he was running a temperature, I gave him paracetamol but he was still burning at 3.30am. All he wanted was to be hugged and put down at the same time.

Hmmm, so we had 2 Vitamin C gummy bears in the wee hours of the morning. Then I fed him with some ibuprofen.

Guess what finally made my Little Tiger calm down?

Yup, he wanted to draw and play school at 4am. After he filled up the paper, he proceeded to 'tattoo' himself and his jammies. That's how we calm a sick, cranky kid in our house. Weird, I know.

He has been ill for a few days now and still insist on schooling. Must say I am proud of him :)

Hmmm, poor Tiger. Get well soon, OK?
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