Monday, 31 October 2011

Sandpaper Letter Replacement

If you like the idea of tracing letters or alphabets ala Montessori but you are too lazy/busy to make your own sandpaper letters, I have the perfect alternative for you.

My sandpaper letters.
Just to show off again :p

These are the foam letters from ELC meant for bath and water play.
Perfect for soft baby fingers as the letters are textured but not abrasive like sandpapers
As Little Tiger is demonstrating, you can trace with toes too  =.="

They come in a mesh bag at the lower left corner of the picture for RM 35.

Of all the goodies I bought from the Mothercare VIP promotion,
this was his favourite from the start.
What a nerdy boy  ^.^

I used them during our 'Recap Week {Letter A to J}
As you can see, the student has disappeared :p
We got to letter 'e'

Hope this helps some of the busy working mommies ^.^

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