Thursday, 20 October 2011

Planning A Toddler's Halloween Party

This is going to be Little Tiger's first Halloween.

So, we shall make it toddler-friendly and non-gruesome.

I'm excited because it gives me a reason to shop with a mission and play dress-up :)

These are the bucket and the streamers that started it all:

Too Cute!!!

Since, I have NEVER thrown a halloween party before, we will do this with guidance from Mighty Google.

I found this very helpful step-by-step guide from Kaboose

This is my work-in-progress

Step 1: Guest List
1. Little Tiger & Mommy
2. Little J & Mommy Sharon
3. Prettichubbi & Ashleyprettimummy
5. M&M and Mommy Melanie

*Theme: Pumpkin Party*

Step 2: Set the time & place
Date: 28th October, Freaky Friday at 7 pm
Venue: Everyone's house

First, we will 'drive' to Mommy Melanie's place for trick-or-treats. (Since we all live about 10 minutes apart by car)

Then back to my place for Halloween themed games and play

I am thinking:

2. Simple crayoning (less messy) of Halloween colours onto some cardboard --> I'll print some photos of each mommy and baby to make it into framed Halloween pictures for keepsakes :)

3. Sticker activity

4. Dancing to MJ's Thriller (little J is really good at imitating MJ!)

Hmmm, maybe I'll get my neighbours to play along for trick-or-treating. (They probably think I am crazy but it's alright. I am used to it)

Step 3: Invitations: sent via FB

Step 4: Refreshments
Last stop: Aunty Sharon's place for yummy delights.

Mickey Mummy Cupcakes Mickey Mummies Muffins

ghoulish ghost cakes
Images from

Kiddos menu:
1. Sandwiches
2. Cupcakes/cake
3. Ice cream/Konyaku jelly
4. OJ

Parent's menu:
1. Meehoon & chicken curry. NO MORE BBQs
2. Wine

Step 5: Decor

Store bought:
1. Half a dozen of spiders
2. 2 pumpkin buckets and 1 pumpkin handbag for trick-or-treating
3. One large and one small skeleton
4. One devil head band for Mommy ;)
5. Orange and white fake cobweb
6. Mini pumpkin candles
7. More pumpkin streamers 
8. Tiger's favourite, a pumpkin that glows...

To make:
2. Paper pumpkin
3. Centerpiece
4. Small decorative items

Real cute free invitations, banner, thank you cards from here

Step 6: Costume
This is our shopping so far.

This is THE outfit :)
Sneak preview

Step 7: Party Favours
Uncle Kuan Lein is in charged
Mini erasers for RM 3 each from Giant. Can you see the mini Dim Sum?
I am sooooo enjoying this right now:)

It's our Freaky Friday Pumpkin Party!!

Party people, please remember this codename for admission --> 2F2P

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