Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Painting

Tiger wanted to 'help' with the Halloween preparation.
So, we did some sponge painting.

Since it has been raining every evening, we had to do messy work indoor =.="
I know messiness is part of learning but I am still dealing with my OCDness..

The moment I gave him the shape sponges (from Craft Haven, 1 Utama),
he said, "Cheps (shapes).
He remembered! They were the same sponges I used for his shape sensory bin :)
I used a tray as paint palette and only orange colour (Our Halloween Theme colour)
The last time we used multiple colours, it all ended up as dung colour :p

Cheeky boy still insist on grabbing the paint from me..Some things never change..

He insist on doing it chop-chop style (dot painting)

Perfect dots :)

Sponge or Dot?

Testing my patience by purposely doing his cheeky laugh repeatedly
just so he can taste the paint!!

This morning, he had seen the halloween party decorations I put up and LOVED it!!

Can't wait for the party tonight!!!!

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