Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Letter: Angry Bird

 Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

These days, you are the king of tantrums. I have a foreboding sense of your growing autonomy as we approach the terrible two.

Hopefully it is just part of your recovery that you are a little clingy and demanding. Your bouts of tantrums are scary ~.~"

Last night, we truanted from school and went grocery shopping with Grandma :)

When we came home, you wanted to sing your phonics song

Then you thought it was more fun to swing the mouse like a pendulum.

After that you decided that school was OUT and play was IN
You insisted on wearing your sandals indoor  =.="

Overnight, you transformed from the cheerful cutie pie into an angry bird. Perhaps last night was the eye of the storm?

You cried when you woke up, then..

Cried during breakfast.

Threw another tantrum in the playroom

 If you weren't so adorable, hmmm...

Lots of love,


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