Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shopping: Where to buy cheap educational/wooden toys in Malaysia?

I have been buying more wooden toys for Tiger lately. Perhaps it is the influence of Montessori. Unfortunately, wooden toys don't come cheap even though 90% of all products out there comes from China. Unless you want to talk about HABA toys. 

I found a place nearby that sells these wonderful products for a fraction of the original. Meaning copy-copy from Melissa and Doug. Quality wise, though not excellent is acceptable.
Mini easel: with whiteboard and blackboard.
Comes with marker and duster for RM 38.90
Book basket not included :)

Block +  train at the left of the picture. RM 29
Looks like this:

Picture from Melissa and Doug.
Looks exactly the same. M & D retail price: RM 79

Wooden town car set (34 pieces) with 6-piece floor puzzle: RM 29

Wooden pieces with numbers and alphabets
Box has white and blackboard

Movable alphabet & assortment of puzzles:  RM 6 - RM 10 each

One of my favourites. Fishing for numbers with magnetic rod. RM 18

Magnetic tangram. Comes with a small booklet and box.
Small pieces, saving for later
For me it is quite reasonable. All the above came from Fun & Cheer, the shop that sells everything under the sun for a lower price. Just google it. Of course, you will have to open the package to check if the toy is complete. Products are exchangeable if flawed.

Here are some of the stores around Klang Valley:
1. Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong
Tel 03-6274 8230
2. Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Selangor
03-3323 6012
3. Pusat Bandar Rawang
Tel: 03-6091 2797
4. Jln SS25/2, Selangor
03-7803 6712

Please do be careful when you let your children play with the toys. I try to avoid buying things with magnet or smaller pieces that may cause choking. Please don't come after me if your child eats the paint.

I mod podge all the pieces to seal in the so-called non toxic paint. It's a lot of work but if I keep buying M&D, I may become a single mother....

So, for those of you who don't know what mod podge is?
This non-toxic and non-flammable glue and sealer is ideal for all surfaces.
Washes out of brushes easily.

Alternatively, you can purchase salad bowl finishing which is a food grade finishing
for wooden products.
Happy shopping!

Alternatively, you can purchase from local online stores. We love Bumbletoys!!

Please note that Tiger is not a mouther, so I feel fine when purchasing the above. If your child loves munching on EVERYTHING like Lil Dragon, please keep the smaller pieces away. Play safe!


  1. babe, where do you get the mod podge glue thingy? ACE hardware?

  2. Hi Jasmine,

    I got it from Craft Haven in One Utama for RM 29.
    I think you should be able to get it in any craft shop.


  3. Jessica, where do you buy your wooden toys? I mean which fun&cheer?
    I want to be sure the shop has these items because all of them are too far for me to go and check.
    I don't know chinese and malaysian language and some sellers are not good in English, so it's difficult to call them and ask!!

  4. HI Ella,

    I bought my toys from the one in Bukit Tinggi near my place and PJ. The toys come in batches and usually in small quantities. Best if you drop by the nearest one to your place cause they don't always nice stuff. I am sure they have more branches than those I have listed.

    Good luck :)

  5. Thanks Jess, sorry for the late reply... been out and about... whacking... with all the Raya invites... sometimes it's great being Malaysian, there's always something to celebrate every 2 months!!! haha I'm a member at craft Haven, will go check it out. Thx again, babe!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    May i know the red rod on the number that in the prev post also from this shop?


  7. Hi Jade,

    The red rods, I got from here: Their showroom is in Summit USJ but they do online transaction as well.

  8. wow..u buy ur things all over the place! ;) i always bust my luggage limit whenever i fly back here! =D
    thank u for sharing!

  9. Where did u buy the mini easel? Plz reply me ASAP bcoz need to buy by tonight

    1. Hi dear, sorry for the late reply. Just logged on. I bought it from fun and cheer, the china import store, just google to find the nearest store to you.

  10. I bought HABA wooden toys from Bebebon Malaysia. They look very well made and durable.

  11. Hi Jess,
    Bwt, where you buy those coloring items? and any specific brand?

  12. Mun Keen, which coloring items are you refering to? If you are refering to paint/crayons I usually buy Crayolas

  13. Hi there Jessica,

    I like your wooden town car set and Magnetic tangram.. but I am staying in Miri, no Fun and Cheer here. :(

    Will it be convenience for you to help me buy and post to me.. when you are free?? If no then is ok..

    Quite limited choices of toys in Miri and with low prices... haha ^_^

    1. Hi Moon,

      Sorry for the late reply. I checked the price for postage and wooden products are quite heavy and not worth the cheap price in the first place.

      Are you coming to this side of Malaysia anytime soon?

    2. Well, if that so, maybe I will try to get other alternative materials around here.

      Not sure when will be going to KL.. haha

      Thanks for your help ya... ^_^

  14. Hi Jessica,

    How much is the tangram magnetic set? How many patterns can we get? Tq.


    1. It is about RM 20 if not mistaken. They provide a booklet for things to make but I am not sure how many you can get. The pieces are very small, so if you have a mouther, I would advise to not get this. Tiger is definitely not a mouther, so I was never worried about following the 'above 3' guideline.

  15. i like the Wooden town car set,but can't see any in the shop. :(

  16. Hi,

    Would like to ask u abt the mod podge. Can we use different type of mod podge like for outdoor mod podge or have to use the same ine as urs? Urs is mod podge matte right?

    1. Hi Aishah,

      I have the glitter and matte ones, so I use either one. I don't think it will hold that well outdoors. What are you planning to use it for?

  17. Can I know where is the exact location of the toy shop in Taman Bukit Maluri? Or what's the shop's name?

  18. Go to shop online at or

  19. A fab selection of wooden toys and a great idea with the Mod Podge. Do you know if it available in Australia at all? I haven't seen it before in the shops. Many Thanks, Kate.

    1. HI, Kate, I have no idea but I have not seen Aussie mom bloggers using Mod Podge, not sure about the crafty moms :)

  20. I will definitely have to check out Bumbletoys! I'd really like the Fishing for Numbers? Little Miss would love it :) Dana


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