Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tot School: E is for Egg

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 5 (9- 20th August) @ 14 months

Alphabet: E
Theme: Food

These pictures are for those who think that I am torturing my Little Tiger by teaching him early.

Doing Brillkid's Little Chinese. Pointing to his nose

Enjoying Little Reader (English)

Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty

Art & craft
Check out the concentration :)
Using these:

Sticking foam on to letter 'e'


Using magnets on Do A Dot print out
from Jolanthe's Homeschool creations

Using stickers on the same print out

Is this too cute or what? Using crayons on worksheets from 1+1+1

Colour, synonyms
Repetition of Tweedlewink (TW) cards

Skip counting by 3 using finger puppets  of Tiger's choice from Ikea. Always give choices, it keeps things fresh.

 Tot trays:
1. Scooping eggs

2.       Inserting rods into wooden numbered plates

3.       Silicone shapes for matching

4.       Set the table: Placemat
5.       Felt vegetable for matching with flashcards (or chewing in this case)
 6.       Colourful numbers rod: ignored
 7.       Mini knobbed cylinder: still ignored from dino week!
  •  Theme (food) related:
  • Food book,
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • The Carrot Seed
  • If You Give The Mouse A Cookie
  • Lift the flap Egg book
  • Feed me: Super cute book (Also a hit with tiger)

The Carrot Seed: Favourite book of the Week.

Educational toys in rotation

This is all he does with poor dress up bear. Pretend it's a shoe and drag it around


  • Dress up bear (to replace dressing frames. How smart!!)
  • ABC pegged puzzle
  • Soft block
  • Wooden Imaginarium blocks
  • Tolo pound-the-shape
  • Mini  art easel
7. Cutting fruit with wooden 'knife' wearing his 'chef' bib that says rice in chinese :)

Country of the week: Poland
Locating Poland on the map.
Polish E-flashcard from Brillkid.

Food pyramid. Tiger shredded the pyramid before I could take a picture.
Sound waves (TW)


Note: A
Playing with note A music bell.
Right Brain Home Practice:
Tiger refused to do ESP or memory work this week :) That's ok cause we had a great weekend!!

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Feel free to leave a comment (no haters, please) or any questions regarding my tools or toys. I usually remember the store and price. I have a problem, I know.
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