Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tot School: D is for Dinosaur Week

“Un”Schooling Little Tiger Week 4 (1st -8th August 2011) @ 13.5 months
Alphabet: D is for dinosaur
Theme: shapes

Love affair with Alphie
Alphabet: tracing with finger
Alphie the robot (love)
Touch and feel alphabet
Foam alphabet

Little Reader

Books on Dinosaur:

Sticker dinosaur book
Sliding dinosaur book
How do dinosaurs ____?
Where's Spot (D is for dog too!)
Can put books back in basket/rack when instructed J

Little Math by Brillkid
Skip counting by 2. (I printed some mini dinos and stuck it to the Doman cards)

Dinosaur song (youtube) Love this!!

D is for dinosaur
Do a Dot
Trace the line

Dinosaur Sensory Tub
Consist of:
1. dinosaurs figurines
2. all shades of green pom-poms, porcupine rubber balls with small bowl for transfering
3. miniature trees (Tiger like this more than the dinosaurs!!)
4. dishwashing sponges
5. square and triangular pieces of not-too-small green corrugated, foam and plain papers
*Nothing too small to prevent choking as he still mouthing occasionally and teething
**Teaches rough & smooth, big & small, heavy& light, and just plain fun!!
Loving my 1st tub!!

Art  & craft
Sticking foam cut outs with glue

Foam Dino
Dinosaur cutout
Card for Jayden's birthday

Flashcard/Right brain
Homemade: dinosaurs
Linking Memory
Space memory

Animal Kingdom: Vertebrates

Tot tray

1.       Mini Knobbed cylinder (sensorial)
2.       Transfer egg onto palette (gross motor: palmar grasp)
3.       Inserting mini spoons into old raisin tin (pincer grasp)
4.       Melissa &Doug ABC blocks (stacking about 3-4 blocks)
5.       Puzzles: dog and numbers


Completed and loved Odonata: 1st book: Pai chiu (ball). Calls the character ge ge & jie jie

Melissa and Doug Shape Puzzle
Printout from 1+1+1 for matching with various objects

Country of the week: Singapore
My ppt on Singapore : here
Putting tiny  'car' sticker on country of the week
I am linking up to Carisa's Tot School. Do check out her blog for more ideas here:

We have linked up to Our Country Road's pinterest Tuesday as well:

In case anybody's wondering where's Week 1,2 and 3 of Tot school, it's not available as I didn't take any photos. Haven't decided to share Little Tiger then :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, just leave a comment or pm me.

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