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Right brain Learning: What is it?

Basically, it is a teaching method that is applicable to all ages but most effective in young babies, especially in those less than three years old. This is because the right hemisphere of the brain develops before the left, remaining dominant until the age of three and a half. However, it is never too late to start. In Japan, they have used right brain learning methods in Primary Schools with success.

The pioneers of right brain education are said to be Glenn Doman And Makoto Schicida.

Glenn Doman Method
Mr Glenn Doman
Image from google

Glenn Doman is an American who founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. He uses a flashcard based teaching system that he applied to brain injured children. When these children showed improvement, he used the same method on normal children with extrapolation of creating geniuses.
His link:  You won't find out how to do it from the site. You have to buy his books. I've read one of his books and tried this method before and honestly, it is just too tiring and soooo boring.

Shichida Method
Mr Makoto Shichida. Image from Google

Makoto Shichida is from Japan. He is a well known gentleman in Japan who realised that all children are geniuses and not crying, drooling cuties. He believed with love, guidance and repetition, all babies can unlock their genius potential. What kind of genius babies you ask? Children with talents like speed reading and photographic memory. There are 2 Shichida schools in Malaysia. His link: You won't be able to find out how to do it here either. 

They are very secretive about the teachings but a lot of lovely mommy bloggers have shared their notes:

Here are the mommy blogs: 
The Bub in The Belly (by Leona aka Pinkie Pirate). She has written some very detailed posts on Shichida and the methods that she implements at home.
Special Training (by Angel). She provides free sample lesson plans.
Babylicious (by Shen Li). Her two boys are attending Heguru and Tweedlewink.She has written many articles regarding early education, not just Shichida.

Other right brain schools available in Malaysia is Heguru in Midvalley and Tweedlewink in Damansara, Puchong and Klang.

Right brain learning is effortless in children as the right brain is already activated - which helps explain how children soak up information like sponges. In small children (and savants and geniuses), the right brain is activated because it is dominant. This has been observed by Montessori as the absorbment mind.

How your brain works
Left hemisphere
Right hemisphere
Conscious awareness
Subconscious awareness
Logical thought
Abstract thought
Short-term memory
Long-term memory
Slow input
Fast input
Detail analysis
Whole-picture (gestalt) comprehension
Linear, sequential, reason
Creative, imaginative
Favors physical senses
(sight, sound, taste, touch, smell)
Favors intuition
(resonance with subtle energies)
Likes repetitive input
Soaks up information like a sponge
Uses words, lists and numbers
Uses rhythm, shapes and picture images
Processes one data at a time
Processes data all at once
Practical, works well under stress
Emotional, works best when fully relaxed


"Your right brain tries to say the color, but your left brain insists on saying the word."

This is just my understanding on this topic and right brain introduction in a nutshell.

So, can anybody tap into these super abilities? Yes!!
That's why right brain education is so popular in Asia. We are nice but very kiasu (translation: scared to lose).

Read a little more about the 2 methods here.

Right brain kiddo. Please excuse the drool

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