Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tot Trays: On Tiger's Shelf for F

Tiger is 14.5 month old this week.

Thanks for all the kind remarks and interest in Tiger's activities via emails. I thought I will share this week's tot tray shelf set-up.

Our alphabet of the week: F
Theme: Human Body and The Five Senses

Clockwise from upper right hand corner:
Right top shelf (L to R):
1. Mr Potato Head from Toys R us for learning body parts
2. F is for frog flashcard (from MPH) with groove for tracing the letter f
3. F is for fish flashcard (from ELC) with touchy-feely fish
4. Some printouts on A4 with different things starting with F
5. Small photo frame from Ikea to write down letter and theme of the week
6. Melissa & Doug (M&D) stacker

Right middle shelf (L to R):
1. Mommy-made letter box with EVA foam letter F and magnetic alphabets from letter a to f. He is suppose to put his hand inside and feel for the letters. (sense of touch)
2. Mommy-made sight/discovery bottle with sponge pieces, sparkles, and small toys
3. Mommy-made sound and smell bottles 

Sound bottles with EBM bottles that I don't plan to keep anymore
1. With small tangram pieces
2. Small wooden clothes peg
3. Rice

Smell bottles with cotton buds:
Made from condiment bottles for RM 1 each
1. Lavender essence
2. Almond essence. Yummy!
3. No smell:  for control and comparison

Caution: If your child is able to open the bottles, please seal it with glue/hot gun. Tiger will sign 'open' but he can't do it by himself, so I didn't seal it. He is allowed into the study room with supervision only.

This is already a hit with Tiger.
When I asked him to choose one item from the shelf,
he immediately pointed to the bottles

Playing with the shakers

Right bottom shelf (L to R):
1. M&D shape puzzle
2. Placemat from egg week

Left bottom shelf
1. Wooden rods with numbers from egg week. I added number 3 for more challenge

Left middle shelf
1. Ping pong balls and palette for palmar transfer

This is a 'recycled' tray.
He didn't enjoy this at 12 month old

Left upper shelf
1. Peg puzzle for human face

To keep right brain practise material for the week, human body flashcards, TW flashcards, completed worksheets and art work as well as knick knacks.

Not in picture:
1. Poster with labelled parts of the human body
2. Mat to present tot trays
3. Dinosaur sensory box. Still a favourite!

Tiger learned to sign 'dinosaur' (clawed hand with a tiny roar)
beacause he wanted to ask for the box!!

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