Thursday, 25 August 2011

Letter To Tiger Thursday: Fun Thinkers

I was thinking that since this blog is about Tiger, I want him to have something special. Therefore, every few Thursdays, I'll write Tiger a short letter. Not mushy mushy ones, so that everyone can read.

Also, I want this to set the tradition of letter writing for the future when we are too angry to speak to each other. You know, when he's a sullen teenager and I am menopausal..hehe. I am old fashioned that way.

So, here's letter number 1:

Dear Tiger,

You never cease to amaze Mommy. The simplest thing you do fills me with so much joy.

Mommy bought the Fun Thinker Set before you were born, *kiasu*..cough cough..ahem. Anyways, you enjoyed playing wih the tiles since you were 5 months old but Mommy never got you to arrange it back into the frame.

Then yesterday night, I found you hard at work:
For some reason, I was so proud of you.

Not only did you put back all the tiles, you put it back in the cupboard after you were done.

Also, Mommy want to apologise for not keeping a journal for you since I was pregnant. It is not an excuse to say that I was too busy. I hope you have the kindness of your Daddy to forgive me.

Love you lots

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