Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tot School by Alphabet & Theme

Everyone who knows me would know that I have OCD. Just borderline. Nothing serious. As a result, my son has a curriculum to follow..hmmm..maybe I should give him a report card as well. It's not too serious, just a guide so that we don't do things repetitively. Also, so that I can shop with a motive and continuously...haha. I usually watch out for things that I can include into our themes.

This is totally inspired by Carissa from She has all the themes (up till alphabet O) planned out and I just tweeked it to suit us better. It is mostly worksheets for older tots but we plan our activity according to the themes. That way I won't run out of ideas. We also base our weekly work around Tweedlewink's weekly teachings for World and Science lessons More detail about that later.
This is work in progress.

Here's our planned alphabet themes:

Aa     : apple
Bb     : ball
Cc     : cat/animals
Dd     : dinosaur/shapes
Ee     : egg/food
Ff      : foot/body
Gg     : goat/farm
Hh     : hammer/tools
Ii       : igloo/cold stuff
Jj       : jellyfish/ocean
Kk     : keys/things at home & rooms
Ll      : leaf/nature
Mn    : Money/math & counting
Nn     : net/bugs
Oo     : owl/birds
Pp     : pencils/school tools
Qq     : quilt/patterns
Rr     : rafflesia/rainforest/flowers
Ss      : star/outer space
Tt      : train/transportation
Uu     : umbrella/weather
Vv     :violin/musical insrument
Ww   : watermelon/fruits
Xx     : fox/wild animals
Yy     : yo-yo/toys
Zz      : zipper/clothes
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