Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tiger's Toddler Classroom at 14 months old

Main area for learning 

Drawers for supply/music/CDs.
Large bookcase for flashcards & book.
Small bookcase for theme of the week and tot trays.

Computer is a must for e-flashcards and Brillkid.
High chair to keep Tiger in place.
Container under high chair for sensory tub.
Bookcase for puzzle/games/printouts

Is it too much? Sensory overload? Nah, we love it. It's our little happy place. Just 1 hour or more a night. Usually longer on weekends for art & craft that's not too messy. Messy work is done outdoor.

Luckily Little Tiger has some OCD traits like mummy and he likes to arrange things. Once he spent 10 minutes using his forefingers to keep his books upright in the Ikea spice rack.

So, my dear Little Tiger, I hope that when you read this later in life, you would understand that this is one of the ways mommy express my love to you. I believe that you can do whatever you put mind and heart to.

The room evolves with Tiger: Here is an update of Tiger's classroom at 16 months
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