Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Parenting: Tiger, A Highly Sensitive Child?

I am awaiting the arrival of Elaine N. Aron's book; The Highly Sensitive Child.

Tiger was an introvert from Day 1, okay maybe not day one but he is SHY. I always thought that it was his temperament and never really gave it much thought. We just hug him a lot in crowded areas, give him time to warm up, etc.

Then lately, he staring displaying some weird behaviour like disliking his socks. He was always scratching the seams, even through his shoes at times.

Thinking back, he disliked swaddling as an infant..hah!

He was irritated with clothing labels, diapers. Always tugging, scratching....

Then there is the part where he is still easily startled and afraid of loud noises. That would include loud male voices like Daddy's. Just a little louder, not even scolding, mind you and Tiger would be reduced to tears.

His is easily disturbed by my moods or other children's crying. He would feel sad whenever another kid is throwing a tantrum or crying.

He notices little things like changing of furniture, curtains or newly trimmed trees in the park. The other day, I was driving past the lake when he noticed some newly planted shrubs, he said, "Mama, see...nice"

He is a perfectionist. No helping unless he asked for it. No broken crayons. (Unfortunately for me). He cleans like nobody's business and is very neat and clean.

Luckily he is okay with sleep, a little difficult to fall asleep after a hectic day but not fussy.

He asks questions all the time, Who? What? Where?

Here's a link to Aron's questionnaire on her Highly Sensitive Person website.

Luckily he did not display symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Hopefully I will become a better parent with more understanding towards my child after reading the book.

In the meantime, if your child display the same traits as Tiger, I found this article succintly written and easy to read except for the small print.

So, after this, if anyone ask, "Why is Tiger so shy, like girl?" I would answer, "F*** off, he is just sensitive"

Hee hee....no lar, I am too nice, REALLY. I will just say, "He's gifted and you are not!".

Okay, I will probably just give a fake, polite smile :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Right Brain: Ditoso Trial

I love the weekends! Simply because I get to spend them with my dear boy.

Funny how a simple bubble machine can bring so much joy.
So, thank you my dear sister, Ashleeprettimummy for buying this for us.

The highlight of our weekend was attending the trial class for right brain learning at Ditoso in Kota Kemuning.

I was curious to see Tiger's response to the class. The right brain method class is very different from our home practise sessions as well as Tweedlewink. At home, he gets to dictate his lessons and choose activities of his liking. Usually he would reject flashcards and right brain materials. In his Tweedlewink classes, well, since the material is cyclical, he was becoming a little restless and bored.

We met fellow blogger, Baby Darren who brought her daughter Isabel for the same trial class. Isabel is only three months older than Tiger.

Tiger who is usually slow to warm up and sensitive to new environment liked the place a lot.

There were six children in the trial class. Three girls and three boys. I am not sure about their exact age but they should be within 24-35 months. Tiger's nearly 24 months :)

We started with meditation and relaxation where they dimmed the lights while the teacher told a story of going to the park. A few children started crying, so I hugged Tiger and spoke to him softly. He was actually more relaxed after that and asked to sit on the chair by himself ^.^

The next half an hour was spent rather quickly with memory games. Tiger kept asking for more games. What's wrong with MY games at home? @.@

The flashcard segment was really fast, about three cards a second. Since I was the one who flashed to Tiger usually, this was the first time I was at the receiving end. Surprisingly, you can actually see each card clearly and Tiger was totally captivated and stayed focus the entire time. He was totally soaking it up!

I am not expecting Lil Tiger to develop super human memory or ESP powers with right brain training.
What I personally like about the method is the fact that it centers the childs attention & focus and I think we all understand how important those qualities are in life long learning. Maybe that's why children who attends Shichida classes fare better than their peers. It is their ability to pin point their concentration and maximise their absorption while others are running about and day dreaming during lessons.

I was explaining this to hubby (and MIL indirectly) en route to Midvalley after the trial class so that they can understand why I am paying so much for the lessons. Note the I AM PAYING.

Daddy  :   Wah. The lessons cost so much? Darn that HSBC message service. Hubs basically knows how much I spend each time I use the credit card >.<
Mommy: He really enjoyed the lessons. He was so focused.
Daddy  : New toilet, nice to shit (translated from Hokkien)
Grandma: WAHAHAHA!
Mommy: @.@

I have signed up for one term since Tiger really enjoyed the lesson. In June, we will be attending both Tweedlewink and Ditoso but we may withold Tweedlewink next term as two enrichment classes is gonna burn a hole in my pocket.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Phonics play: SMART puzzles

We usually end our nightly 'school' sessions with games or puzzles.
Sometimes we just play with puzzles all night if Tiger wants to.

This Alphabet Match Up from SMART is one of his favourite at the moment.
Actually anything with alphabets will do :)

He calls it "A B C"

Smart-Aphabet Match Ups
Pic from kids.net.my

These are pretty reasonable at about RM18.90 each
 I managed to get several for RM10 each during the Toy R us warehouse sales.
Here's a link to kids.net.my for their selection of SMART puzzles.

Sometimes, I get to be lazy and sit aside to observe.
Other times, he would make me put on the puppets to play with him.
I can tell you that it is no fun handling pieces of puzzles with your fingers wrapped up in fluff.

He loves this game, especially when he thinks I am trying to beat him in finding the next piece.

Looking for 'u"

Neat, huh?

The moment he completes the puzzle, he would mess it up and start again.

As usual, I choose puzzles according to Tiger's interest and ability instead of the recommended age.

Since the single and double-piece puzzles no longer interest him, we have moved on to these as well.
Nothing to do with phonics but pretty interesting as the pieces all come in different sizes.
Each individual puzzle is 4-6 pieces.
These are available in Popular Bookstores for RM17.90 each

Pic from popular.sg

We are attending a right brain school trial class this weekend.
I will share our experience with this Shichida method school in the coming week.

Have a great weekend!
I know we will.

Letter: Loving Tiger at 23 months and Fatter at 33 weeks

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

Things I love about you at 23 months:

1. No matter how grumpy I am over the state of our country's political situation (For example, the question of how many Birkins do our Prime Minister's wife own? A LOT), I always forget all my troubles when I see you waving to me at the door the moment I get home.

2. You are still such a gentle being.
Whenever I ask you to whack Prettichubbi (my very chubby niece), you will NEVER do it. In fact, she would hit you instead and you would just brush it off.

3. At this point, when I present you with choices you would say, "Ummm..." while considering your options. {so like ME!}

4. You have a wicked sense of humour.

Mommy: What's your name?
Tiger     : Ipad! *giggle giggle*
Mommy: How old are you?
Tiger     : Two...ummm, no ONE!
Mommy : Are you sure?
Tiger      : Monkey smile and runs away before I tickle you into submission, shouting out the correct answers.

5. You are very helpful.
When we are grocery shopping, you would always fill up the cart with packets and packets of mushrooms. I have no idea why mushrooms. Then, you would insist on pushing the cart and filling it up with all sorts of stuff as we move along. You will also insist on unloading and reloading after checking out.

6. You have mild OCD like mommy.
You will arrange or stack things without being asked.

7. You are developing Montessori habits like using mats for lessons
One mat for "mama", one for "tiger"
"Mama, sit"
My reaction?  LOVE. Madly in love with you.
8. You are becoming quite a reader.
Currently, your favourites are The Carrot Seed and Thomas Book with the sound button. Monkey and Tiger puppets must be around for reading sessions

The scene after 'reading'

You make Mommy put on the puppets ALL THE TIME
They are starting to frustrate me a little.
HEADLINE: Monkey and Tiger Mysteriously Disappear
*evil laugh*


Little Dragon

You are 33 weeks now.
Another 49 more days to go
You are still breeched;
punching and kicking my right side.
Last scan: You weighed 1.8 kgs

I get cramps in my left arm from sleeping on the left lateral side.
I am 9 kilos heavier already
I have mild edema on both legs.
Currently, there are demands for mangoes and pork.

Almost done with the list.
Just need to mentally prepare myself for the birth,
which is weird because I didn't have the jitters the first time

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Phonics Play: Foam Letters Printing

We are a little heavy on letters/phonics this week.
The boss demands for it

On this day, Tiger chose the ELC foam letters and Crayola fingerpaint.

My sensitive boy have an issue with touching slimy stuff,
so he usually ask for "thing" which translates
to brush/foam/sponges

Making "a says /a/"
As he stamps, he will make the letter sounds

Turned out nicely...at first

I placed his foldable table by his side with all the letters
so that he could have a little "I spy" game as well.

After stamping each letter, he would arrange them in a line.
It must be straight!
 OCD at work..

The letter 'i' didn't come with a dot. So, that means it ain't 'i'
Tiger threw a mini tantrum...hehe
It was quickly diffused with the dot painter
After he dotted the 'i',
 he gave me a smile and said "See, nice"

We got to letter j before he lost interest (again, it was not dotted)

Anyone with links or ideas for fun letters activities, please leave me a holla.
I am quickly running out :p

I will update this post if I find any suitable for 2 year old.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Tot School @ 23 months.

We are still stuck in Umbrella/Weather Week because Mommy's busy nesting. Being the OCD that I am, nesting is a BIG thing.

Tiger pretty much ignored his trays this week except the M&D Stacking and Nesting Blocks but we did a LOT of reading, messy art and play.

He did choose some of his activities like these: 

Matching upper and lowercase letters

The  pumpkin-shapes matching poster from 2011 Halloween Party

We made each Grandma a Mother's Day card:

This was Po po's
We spelled out the words with puffy stickers, template and glitter

This was Nai nai's which was hearts on one of Tiger's many paintings.
This one is now proudly displayed on the fridge.
Daddy commented, "Eee, so ugly"
=.= "

 My messy, artsy boy.
Selected his own materials and asked to paint almost every night of the week.
This week, we started the lessons with art

My boys...
When Daddy comes home from work, he would join Tiger.
Well, more like he would interrupt school.
We will join Daddy for a late night supper downstairs.
Then, it's either bedtime or a reading session.

He is still very into his Solar System.
This week he started asking me to read the comparison chart as well.
He loves Fast vs Slow cause Mommy goes into her 'clown routine'

The day before Toy R US  warehouse sale,
I was just thinking about doing more art in the bath room,
and voila!
 .......Crayola Window markers.

I love watching him hold his pencil/markers/crayons.
It takes more effort when he is writing/scribbling upright.
Here's a link to kids' painting stages to watch out for.

Art in PJs
He had just woken up hence the bedroom style hair that defies gravity.
We had to do it first thing in the morning to avoid Daddy's morning ritual ;p

I stuck some leftover Rainbow worksheets on the glass panel but he wasn't interested.

I only took pictures of the fun stuff we did.
Other times, I was too lazy to grab the camera.

<<< >>>

Right Brain Practice
He is more keen on flashcards this week
We covered quite a bit of transport, animals, colours and occupation.

Space Memory.
He can do three items now

Linking Memory:
Still a flop

Math Dots:

*We are attending Ditoso's trial class this week*
They have classes in Chinese...woohoo!
Fingers crossed that Tiger will enjoy his lesson.

Momma's reading
Bright From The Start by Jill Stamm
Here's a recommmended reading list on baby brain books from parenting.com

Linking up to Tot School @ 1+1+1 = 1

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dilemma: Screen Time

Little Tiger is a Youtube and Ipad (also for Youtube) addict.


Since we do not subscribe to cartoon channels on Astro, he has yet to know Barney or Mickey. So, Youtube is fascinating to him. He does watch Astro's educational mandarin kid's channel Xiao Tai Yang occasionally.

It is so my fault for introducing him to this media of edu-tainment.
It started with the Dinosaur Song which now snowballed to a selection of about 50 songs. At least it ain't porn..yet. @.@

In order to get over my Mommy guilt, we try to learn during the 'singing'.

Here's what we have been doing so far:

1. Props.
We started with the miniature dinos for his Dinosaur Sensory Bin.
Then the laminated shapes for the Shapes & Colours Bin.
Currently, the 'It' props are the  felt planets I handmade. DAILY USAGE ^.^ with the Solar System song.

This, by the way, is his singing face

2. Musical instruments

Like these mini shakers and tambourine that he associated with the Jolly phonics song.

3. Puzzle pieces to dance to alphabet/number songs.

4. Books: Like the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. Mommy love the song too!

5. Dancing and movement. Currently he favours the Kinderbeat tracks. Always a great workout.


Sometimes, I am in a bit of a fix over speed flashing as recommended by Schicida.
If you flash that fast, wouldn't the words look blurry and pictures look like a cartoon snippet?
That was how they made cartoon, right?

It is recommended that children less than three should not have any screen time.
It is a known fact that the American Academy of Peadiatrics recommended no screen time before 2.
If the increasing trend of ADHD a result of this?

Tiger was never really a TV person, I was.
Until he came along and took up every bit of my spare time.
Not that I am complaining :)
I did buy some baby DVDs like Brainy Baby and YBCR but he HATED them.
Guess he was smarter than me ^.^

Still, I am assuming that Tiger gets about an hour of screen per day.
Since MIL is his primary caregiver, I have zero control before I come home from work.
Once, I tried to approach the issue as tactfully as possible, like this:
translated from Mandarin

<<< >>>

Mommy: Hey, what did you do today? Did you watch a lot of TV?
Speaking directly to Tiger but within MIL's earshot :p

MIL: Where got?  I just on only lar.
I think she gave me a look

Mommy: Does he watch TV in the afternoon?
Feeling like the bad cop in a cheap grade B movie

MIL: No lar, where got time? Only during meals. Otherwise he runs everywhere.
Looking more irritated?? Or did I imagined it?

Mommy: Oh.
Tells self to shut the f*** up

<<< >>>

Since I couldn't remove the TV without looking like a total b***h to MIL, I did the next best thing. I took up half the living space for Tiger's learning stuff and books to entice him into doing puzzles, reading, etc.

It is still impossible to eliminate the background television but I guess you can't have it all, huh?

In Bright From the Start, Jill Stamm recommended programmes like Mister Rogers and similiar slow, calming formats. So sleep inducing and slow!

What is your take on the screen time and technology dilemma? 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Preparing For Lil Dragon's Arrival

After posts and posts on schooling, I had a gnawing sensation that something was amiss.

Then I realised what the problem was. There are still too many things that I was ill prepared for.

After having Tiger, I knew I would love for him to have a sibling and for our family to be a little bigger.
Now, 32 weeks along, I am starting to worry a little about the second childbirth. I never really experienced labour pain since I had the epidural the first time for induction of labour indicated for post date baby with suspected meconium aspiration. Well, I did feel the pain for 5 minutes when the epidural failed at 8cm dilatation and they gave me a shot of pethidine. Everything went downhill from then. I was groggy through out the pushing and Tiger was drugged and floppy at birth. So attachment and bonding was a failure from birth.

Then, there are the frivolous issues of the baby's dresser, cot, bedding colours, arrangement, etc. You get the idea...

Of course, then I started thinking about Tiger's preschool. To hold on or enrol for toddler class? What if MIL could not cope with two little munchkins?

My live-in help is hopeless with children as she is only in charged of cleaning. I would never allow her to carry the baby. Mind you, she breaks faucets and doors. Yup, don't ask how or why.

There, it's all out.... I a mess of a worry wart.

So, I've decided to list them out so that I can tackle the problem one at a time. Easy peasy...I hope....

To complete shopping list
To go through birth plan 

Newborn checklist:

Red: Done
Blue: To-do

  • 8 undershirts or onesies (mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve)
  • 5 pairs of pants
  • 2 newborn hats
  • 8 pairs of socks or booties, to wear with nightgowns and outfits
  • 2 pairs of scratch mittens, to keep baby from scratching his face
  • Laundry detergent for infants
  • A bunch of other totally unnecessary but utterly adorable stuff

  • 6 receiving blankets

  • My boobs
  • Burp cloths
  • Breast pump
  • Milk storage containers
  • Nursing pillow
  • Nursing bras
  • Breast pads
  • Lotion for sore nipples
  • To get the new breast shield for pumps
  • Milk warmer (for upstairs)
  • 6 five-ounce bottles with nipples
  • Bottle and nipple brush
  • Formula
  • Thermal bottle carrier
  • Fenugreek

  • 1 bag of newborn size Mamypoko.
  • 2 bags of S size Mamypoko
  • Changing pad
  • Baby ointment or barrier cream to prevent rash
  • Disposable wipes

  • 1 plastic infant tub
  • 12 washcloths
  • Baby soap or cleanser
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby soft-bristled hair brush
  • 3 soft-hooded towels

  • Rearrange and clean master bedroom
  • Approved crib and crib mattress
  • 3 waterproof mattress covers
  • 4 fitted crib sheets

Other necessities

  • Car seat
  • Bean bag for feeding
  • Playpen
  • Sling or baby carrier
  • Diaper bag
  • 1 or 2 change pads
  • 2 or 4 pacifiers
  • Rattles and other baby toys
  • Mobiles
  • Night light


Last night, I asked him, "Are you ready for the little girl? Are you alright with the baby co-sleeping?"

He replied (with a straight face),"She has my permission to sleep in the room."


Tiger was a terror for the first three months of life, with erratic sleep patterns. Luckily I had a confinement lady and dear MIL to help me survive. Now with a second one and a pampered hubby, it's going to be a different ball game.

So, it is going to take a lot of training for the both of us and we will survive, I hope... :p

Little Tiger:
He is the most important part of my planning/worrying:

Preparation/talking about the baby:
Tiger's only almost two. So far, I have been telling him that "mei-mei" is sleeping in Mommy's belly, when the time's right, she will be out.
Tiger's been pressing my belly button, asking mei-mei to come out @.@
Whenever I ask "Do you love mei-mei?" He would nod vigorously.

Make a baby book/bibliography for Tiger to talk about his babyhood

Get picture books and a baby doll for pretend play. I hope he gets the realistic idea that the baby isn't going to be an instant play date.

Visit AshleyprettiMommy, my sis who is expecting her second baby anytime now so that he gets the idea of how the newborn would look like and behave.

During delivery:

I have chosen to deliver as close to home as possible so that Tiger can be around when mei-mei arrive, well unless my little girl decides to pop out in the middle of the night.

Post delivery:

Gift exchange between mei-mei and Tiger

Remind visitors to say "Hi" to Tiger first before oohing over the sister.

Prepare busy bags/boxes for guests to present to Tiger. Also, easier on guests' wallets :)

While breastfeeding:
1. Read to Tiger
2. Sing songs
3. Ipad (yeah, I know)
4. Tiger's toy box filled with some of his fav toys so that he can play near by

Tot School/right brain:
Right now, my best bet is to continue with Brillkid's program.
I am still working on this. I will have to plan WAAAAYYYY ahead.
I am hoping that Tiger would be more of a reader by then so that it is easier to just make book baskets.
As of themed learning, I may have to put that on hold for a while until we settle into a new rhythm.
Crafting and art will have to wait as well :(

Update: MIL has agreed to accompany Tiger to his classes until Mommy's strong enough. Btw, I am not doing confinement this time.

Okay, that's the list for now. I have just burdened myself with more work than I started with :p

Wish me luck!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day y'all....

I hope everyone who's a mommy got a well deserved day of appreciation :)

Here's our story:

Little Tiger got Mommy up bright and early.
He is my personal weekend alarm clock. Usually goes off at 0830Hr.
Mother's Day was no exception :)

He suggested insisted on painting and swimming.
I thought hmmm, why not train him to do more housework?
It is Mother's Day.

So, we took out his Thomas ride-on and gave it a good rub-a-dub.
I mixed some baby shampoo and yellow finger paint into his soap dispenser.
(the paint is just for fun)
Here's my hard worker, covering every inch of the Thomas

He has been asking for water in the sauce container practically every night.
So, I had to let him use it to 'hose' down the ride.
More time consuming but definitely fine work.

The ride was squeaky clean after that :)
I bathe him outdoors while waiting for Popo and my sis to drop by for breakfast.
Besides, Prettichubbi would be late anyway...

Tiger and Mommy's SPECIAL Mother's Day card for popo
The 'day' was covered in gold dust which Tiger LOVED.

Prettichubbi and Mommy.
My little sweetheart signing "Hi"

Little Prettichubbi looks more & more like her Mommy already...
Too cute, this fatty bom bom...

Tiger and Mommy
Note to self: Look anaemic, please be more compliant to your haematinics!

 We had to include Daddy in a pic since he was paying for the meal :p

We love you so very very much..
PS: A bald spot is ruining the picture...hee hee

Aaaahh, I love my family.....
unfortunately, black aunty was not in any pic...wahaha, did I mention I love you too, Momo?

 At night, we had yummy steamboat dinner with Grandma Nai nai, so everyone was part of the special day

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tot School: U for Umbrella/Weather Week

Tiger is 22.5 months old

Developmentally, Tiger is progressing well in terms of his speech.
I am so pleased that he is learning to express his needs verbally.
Life is definitely easier when he does.

My little sunshine boy makes me laugh all the time.
One day, while playing "cooking", he asked me "Where mice?"
Mice as in a mouse??? Shit!
Then he lifted his toy knife and said, "There!"
He pronounces his knife as "mice"

He is still the gentlest little boy with his friends and cousins.
He would give away his toys and food in a heartbeat.
As an almost 2 year-old, he has his occasional tantrums and moments but these are rare
I am truly blessed!

He loves his Mommy/School Time and we spend every moment together when I get home from work.
Yup, even when I shower, he will join me.
He pretends to brush his teeth when I know he just enjoy playing with water and eating the yummy toothpaste :p 

<<< >>>

Here's my boy with his tot trays:

Fine motor and balance:
Inserting golf pegs into Styrofoam and balancing ping pong balls.
This is pretty tough because the board was too thin to hold the pegs properly.
He enjoyed tossing them all over as well

He was still very into the M&D stacking and nesting blocks
This time, after he stacked,  we went around the tower looking for the different alphabets.

Reinforcing my suspicion that he is ready for the potty but just refusing to cooperate!
He was actually pretending to poop in this pic...aaarggh...

Pegged puzzle for weather.
He was so fascinated with 'foggy'
I told him, "It's like cloud in your face, so you can't see"
So, foggy now means covering his eyes with his hands
LOL moment!

More fine motor work.
Pushing cocktail umbrellas into Styrofoam.
This is very delicate work as he needed to be very gentle with the paper umbrella.

I had some key chains with China Olympics figurines, so we did some matching as well.

Magnetic board.
I thought this would be too difficult but he LOVED it.
We played with this everyday of the week.
He would insist to put it on the mat, lay out the cushions and instruct me to sit down.
Then he would hand me a magnetic rod, "Mama" and take one for himself, "Tiger"
As he played, I would name the directions, eg: up, down, right, left

See the puppets in the picture above?
He is head-over-heels in love with these guys.
So much so that they are a part of his reading, Little Reader, Tot trays, and sleep.

Finally!!! He is sorting..hee hee
Maybe because he chose the activity himself, he was keen??

Revisiting older themes:
In order to reinforce his memory, we will repeat older themes from time to time.

Farm Theme:
This 3-piece farm animal puzzle is one of his favourite.
I sang Old MacDonald so many times :)

There was a two year old who was recently made a member of Mensa.
He could recite his alphabets forward and backwards, count to 1000 and name the planets.

I told Daddy, "Tiger's nearly there! I just need to push him a little!"

Grandma retorted," I can only hear Earth, Mars, Neptune clearly"
Daddy reminded me that Tiger could only count 1 to 10.

Party poopers!

It's okay babe, I think you are the best *hugs*
This pic was taken after his Tweedlewink class, still in his uniform.

Asking me, "Where Mars?"

Dot stamping.
Anyone who knows where to get these in Malaysia please leave me a holla!

Art and Craft:
We love glitter around here :)
I coloured the rainbow for him while making different funny sounds like
zig-zig-zig, buzzzzz, etc..
He giggled non-stop :)

While waiting for the glue to dry, we up cycled the 'abandoned'
pipe cleaner tray.

He seriously inherited my OCD.
Arranges EVERYTHING from books to groceries..
Also cleans ALL the time...
He is for hire...price negotiable :p

 Painting with rainbow colours.
Probably one of the cleanest and neatest kiddo on the planet....no need for apron!

Stickers on 1+1+1 =1 rainbow pack

Right brain
I've found the magic keys to e-flash!!

1. Let him click the mouse
2. Tell him that Monkey wants to learn or "Please teach Monkey to read"

Works like a charm everytime..woohoo!
We are making speedy progress :)

Caught Mommy on the camera!
He he...he was doing Little Reader.

Sensory Play

We had fun with the Rainbow Sensory Bin.
Cleaning up the rice ain't that fun...

Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1 =1

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