Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Phonics Play: Foam Letters Printing

We are a little heavy on letters/phonics this week.
The boss demands for it

On this day, Tiger chose the ELC foam letters and Crayola fingerpaint.

My sensitive boy have an issue with touching slimy stuff,
so he usually ask for "thing" which translates
to brush/foam/sponges

Making "a says /a/"
As he stamps, he will make the letter sounds

Turned out nicely...at first

I placed his foldable table by his side with all the letters
so that he could have a little "I spy" game as well.

After stamping each letter, he would arrange them in a line.
It must be straight!
 OCD at work..

The letter 'i' didn't come with a dot. So, that means it ain't 'i'
Tiger threw a mini tantrum...hehe
It was quickly diffused with the dot painter
After he dotted the 'i',
 he gave me a smile and said "See, nice"

We got to letter j before he lost interest (again, it was not dotted)

Anyone with links or ideas for fun letters activities, please leave me a holla.
I am quickly running out :p

I will update this post if I find any suitable for 2 year old.


curiositykills said...

u can print out alphabets and do crafts? stick stuff on it, e.g. use shape cutter to out colored paper and stick. can use cotton wool/ball

u can use tongue depressor to shaped out the letters.

can shaped using wools/strings. or play dough

i think there is one blog with lots of alphabets activity. if i come across it again, i'll let u know ;)

Sylvia said...

Gosh He's adorable! We just purchased and down loaded a make your self alphabet book , "Alphabet Color and Glue: Worksheets for Pre-schoolers" from http://www.currclick.com- Only 49 days til the next little cutie makes her debut! Yay!

Jessica said...

Thanks girl..

I have tried giving him alphabets to stick stuff some time back but he wasn't interested. Will try it again soon :)

Jessica said...

Hi Slyvia, you are too kind. Hmm, so far I have been using the freebies from 1+1+1=1. Maybe I will look into the currriculum as well. Have you tried ABCmouse.com?

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