Thursday, 24 May 2012

Letter: Loving Tiger at 23 months and Fatter at 33 weeks

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

Things I love about you at 23 months:

1. No matter how grumpy I am over the state of our country's political situation (For example, the question of how many Birkins do our Prime Minister's wife own? A LOT), I always forget all my troubles when I see you waving to me at the door the moment I get home.

2. You are still such a gentle being.
Whenever I ask you to whack Prettichubbi (my very chubby niece), you will NEVER do it. In fact, she would hit you instead and you would just brush it off.

3. At this point, when I present you with choices you would say, "Ummm..." while considering your options. {so like ME!}

4. You have a wicked sense of humour.

Mommy: What's your name?
Tiger     : Ipad! *giggle giggle*
Mommy: How old are you?
Tiger     : Two...ummm, no ONE!
Mommy : Are you sure?
Tiger      : Monkey smile and runs away before I tickle you into submission, shouting out the correct answers.

5. You are very helpful.
When we are grocery shopping, you would always fill up the cart with packets and packets of mushrooms. I have no idea why mushrooms. Then, you would insist on pushing the cart and filling it up with all sorts of stuff as we move along. You will also insist on unloading and reloading after checking out.

6. You have mild OCD like mommy.
You will arrange or stack things without being asked.

7. You are developing Montessori habits like using mats for lessons
One mat for "mama", one for "tiger"
"Mama, sit"
My reaction?  LOVE. Madly in love with you.
8. You are becoming quite a reader.
Currently, your favourites are The Carrot Seed and Thomas Book with the sound button. Monkey and Tiger puppets must be around for reading sessions

The scene after 'reading'

You make Mommy put on the puppets ALL THE TIME
They are starting to frustrate me a little.
HEADLINE: Monkey and Tiger Mysteriously Disappear
*evil laugh*


Little Dragon

You are 33 weeks now.
Another 49 more days to go
You are still breeched;
punching and kicking my right side.
Last scan: You weighed 1.8 kgs

I get cramps in my left arm from sleeping on the left lateral side.
I am 9 kilos heavier already
I have mild edema on both legs.
Currently, there are demands for mangoes and pork.

Almost done with the list.
Just need to mentally prepare myself for the birth,
which is weird because I didn't have the jitters the first time

Love, Mommy

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