Friday, 4 May 2012

Tot Trays: Umbrella/Weather Week

Right on cue, my pregnancy is making me lazy and slow again.
Last night, I fell asleep while sitting on a chair during school time
I blame The Solar System song.
Tiger kept telling me, "No! Sit!"
He has a no sleeping in class policy. Teacher's pet material, yup!

He was a little pissed in the end and asked for Grandma.
So, we ended school early and I took a nap.
As the result of napping at 8pm, I couldn't sleep at night...huu huu...
I ended up sprucing up his tot trays and his play area.

Here's the Tot Tray Setup for this week:

Left (top to bottom)
1. Some spot-the-difference books, Logic puzzle (free with Enfagrow), Alphie
2. Mini foam cuisenaire rods with an interactive book.
3. Styrofoam board and some cocktail umbrellas. He'd already completed this tray.
4. Tieramid Circle Set to build rainbow  

Right (top to bottom)
1. Flashcard
2. Weather pegged puzzle and M&D Alphabet Stacker
3. Magnetic tracing set and 3D farm animals

His play area (not playroom).

By the way, I, Tiger's mommy is the only other person on this planet allowed to sit on the Panda Chair
So special, kan?

When I come home from work, we will have conversations like this:

Mommy: What did you do today?
Tiger: Gibberish
Mommy: Did you use the Hao Xue Bao?
Tiger: No
Mommy: Did you read?
Tiger: No
Mommy: What did you do then?
Tiger: Points to his fav giant ABC puzzle
Mommy:  =.="

Confirmed with Grandma regarding his activities.
Yup, he has been bored with the old setup for sometime now.
Grandma indirectly reminded me that I am not changing his setup often enough
I think Grandma's jealous she isn't allowed on the Panda...he he..

A closer look at the EXPEDIT unit
On the rack (L-R):
1. Giant ABC Floor puzzle(ToyRus)
2. Magnetic Writing Board (from ToyRus warehouse sale)
3. Baskets with DVDs, musical instruments & some sport equipments

Upper racks:
Hao Xue Bao (Chinese Reader Pen)
 I moved the books up so that he can select his titles easily

Placed more puzzle on the lower racks (L-R):
1. Treading blocks from No Theme Week
2. Magnetic Fishing Rod- numbers set
3. M&D - Latch and Lock puzzle
4. M&D Magnetic Alphabet Book and Tools puzzle.

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