Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tot School: U for Umbrella/Weather Week

Tiger is 22.5 months old

Developmentally, Tiger is progressing well in terms of his speech.
I am so pleased that he is learning to express his needs verbally.
Life is definitely easier when he does.

My little sunshine boy makes me laugh all the time.
One day, while playing "cooking", he asked me "Where mice?"
Mice as in a mouse??? Shit!
Then he lifted his toy knife and said, "There!"
He pronounces his knife as "mice"

He is still the gentlest little boy with his friends and cousins.
He would give away his toys and food in a heartbeat.
As an almost 2 year-old, he has his occasional tantrums and moments but these are rare
I am truly blessed!

He loves his Mommy/School Time and we spend every moment together when I get home from work.
Yup, even when I shower, he will join me.
He pretends to brush his teeth when I know he just enjoy playing with water and eating the yummy toothpaste :p 

<<< >>>

Here's my boy with his tot trays:

Fine motor and balance:
Inserting golf pegs into Styrofoam and balancing ping pong balls.
This is pretty tough because the board was too thin to hold the pegs properly.
He enjoyed tossing them all over as well

He was still very into the M&D stacking and nesting blocks
This time, after he stacked,  we went around the tower looking for the different alphabets.

Reinforcing my suspicion that he is ready for the potty but just refusing to cooperate!
He was actually pretending to poop in this pic...aaarggh...

Pegged puzzle for weather.
He was so fascinated with 'foggy'
I told him, "It's like cloud in your face, so you can't see"
So, foggy now means covering his eyes with his hands
LOL moment!

More fine motor work.
Pushing cocktail umbrellas into Styrofoam.
This is very delicate work as he needed to be very gentle with the paper umbrella.

I had some key chains with China Olympics figurines, so we did some matching as well.

Magnetic board.
I thought this would be too difficult but he LOVED it.
We played with this everyday of the week.
He would insist to put it on the mat, lay out the cushions and instruct me to sit down.
Then he would hand me a magnetic rod, "Mama" and take one for himself, "Tiger"
As he played, I would name the directions, eg: up, down, right, left

See the puppets in the picture above?
He is head-over-heels in love with these guys.
So much so that they are a part of his reading, Little Reader, Tot trays, and sleep.

Finally!!! He is sorting..hee hee
Maybe because he chose the activity himself, he was keen??

Revisiting older themes:
In order to reinforce his memory, we will repeat older themes from time to time.

Farm Theme:
This 3-piece farm animal puzzle is one of his favourite.
I sang Old MacDonald so many times :)

There was a two year old who was recently made a member of Mensa.
He could recite his alphabets forward and backwards, count to 1000 and name the planets.

I told Daddy, "Tiger's nearly there! I just need to push him a little!"

Grandma retorted," I can only hear Earth, Mars, Neptune clearly"
Daddy reminded me that Tiger could only count 1 to 10.

Party poopers!

It's okay babe, I think you are the best *hugs*
This pic was taken after his Tweedlewink class, still in his uniform.

Asking me, "Where Mars?"

Dot stamping.
Anyone who knows where to get these in Malaysia please leave me a holla!

Art and Craft:
We love glitter around here :)
I coloured the rainbow for him while making different funny sounds like
zig-zig-zig, buzzzzz, etc..
He giggled non-stop :)

While waiting for the glue to dry, we up cycled the 'abandoned'
pipe cleaner tray.

He seriously inherited my OCD.
Arranges EVERYTHING from books to groceries..
Also cleans ALL the time...
He is for hire...price negotiable :p

 Painting with rainbow colours.
Probably one of the cleanest and neatest kiddo on the need for apron!

Stickers on 1+1+1 =1 rainbow pack

Right brain
I've found the magic keys to e-flash!!

1. Let him click the mouse
2. Tell him that Monkey wants to learn or "Please teach Monkey to read"

Works like a charm everytime..woohoo!
We are making speedy progress :)

Caught Mommy on the camera!
He he...he was doing Little Reader.

Sensory Play

We had fun with the Rainbow Sensory Bin.
Cleaning up the rice ain't that fun...

Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1 =1


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Fantastic ideas u have here. U looking for dot paints? I found one in an art shop (forgot the name) next to the toys r us in tropicana city mall. They come in a pack of 4 colours (tempera paints), suitable for toddler's hand grip.


Jessica said...

Hi SK,

Thank you so much! *cyber hugs* I shall check it out as soon as I can :)

Patricia said...

I love the cocktail umbrellas:)

Eddie said...

I love the prretend potty! Your son is adorable.

Kaysha said...

I just found your blog through 1+1+1=1 and love it. I have really been wanting to add more right brain activities for my son. We used to do Doman dot cards and flash cards until I went back to grad school. Now it is just Little Reader, Little Math, and Tot School. Have you used any of the Tweedlewink videos?


Page Turner said...

Just started following your blog. Your activities are AMAZING! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi,may i know where u get the m&d stacking and nesting blocks? :)

Jessica said...

Hi, I got it from Mothercare KLCC during their member sales :) I have not seen it in any of their other branches. You can call the store nearest to you to enquire. Here's the link to their store locater page:

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