Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Parenting: Tiger, A Highly Sensitive Child?

I am awaiting the arrival of Elaine N. Aron's book; The Highly Sensitive Child.

Tiger was an introvert from Day 1, okay maybe not day one but he is SHY. I always thought that it was his temperament and never really gave it much thought. We just hug him a lot in crowded areas, give him time to warm up, etc.

Then lately, he staring displaying some weird behaviour like disliking his socks. He was always scratching the seams, even through his shoes at times.

Thinking back, he disliked swaddling as an infant..hah!

He was irritated with clothing labels, diapers. Always tugging, scratching....

Then there is the part where he is still easily startled and afraid of loud noises. That would include loud male voices like Daddy's. Just a little louder, not even scolding, mind you and Tiger would be reduced to tears.

His is easily disturbed by my moods or other children's crying. He would feel sad whenever another kid is throwing a tantrum or crying.

He notices little things like changing of furniture, curtains or newly trimmed trees in the park. The other day, I was driving past the lake when he noticed some newly planted shrubs, he said, "Mama, see...nice"

He is a perfectionist. No helping unless he asked for it. No broken crayons. (Unfortunately for me). He cleans like nobody's business and is very neat and clean.

Luckily he is okay with sleep, a little difficult to fall asleep after a hectic day but not fussy.

He asks questions all the time, Who? What? Where?

Here's a link to Aron's questionnaire on her Highly Sensitive Person website.

Luckily he did not display symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Hopefully I will become a better parent with more understanding towards my child after reading the book.

In the meantime, if your child display the same traits as Tiger, I found this article succintly written and easy to read except for the small print.

So, after this, if anyone ask, "Why is Tiger so shy, like girl?" I would answer, "F*** off, he is just sensitive"

Hee hee....no lar, I am too nice, REALLY. I will just say, "He's gifted and you are not!".

Okay, I will probably just give a fake, polite smile :)
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