Monday, 4 June 2012

Tot School: A Week Without Trays

Tiger's 23.5 months

Last week, fat momma (me) did not prepare trays because:

1. I was lazy
2. Not feeling the creative forces
3. Busy preparing right brain materials
4. Giving me us a break

We did whatever Tiger wanted which was this most of the time:

He was dancing with his bells to the Japanese Alphabet Song downloaded from Brillkids.
We also did a lot of Brillkid's Little Reader

We read a lot.
He wanted to thread but this was too tough.
"Help" was the most used word during times like these :)

So, I decided to be a better person and get my big butt moving.

These are his themeless trays for the week:
You know your social life's dead when you are up till three am doing this instead of clubbing
on a Saturday night.
The door b***h will probably bar me from entering from being "fat" anyway.

Oh, same goes for the sex life as well  :p

Left (top to bottom):
1. Music: Tuning fork and cards for C and C sharp
2. Shapes: Laminated shapes with silicone shapes
3. Alphabet: Mommy-made book  {Printed from}
4. Vocabulary: Wild animals figurines, name tags, and pictures

Right (top to bottom):
1. Literature/Science: The Carrot Seed book, life cycle of carrot,
picture of real carrot, pipe cleaners for craft carrot
2. Numbers: Puzzles and beads
3. Pretend play: finger puppets and theater
<<< >>>

Life isn't always simple:

This is work in progress when I am working

Ditoso first lesson:
Tiger was the only student for the time being
which I don't like cause he tends to misbehave without a classmate.
He completed 95% of the work but was a bit of a diva because grandma joined us.
Anyhow, I thought he did splendidly for his first lesson.
He was exhausted and slept on the way home.

I have the sample lesson on Word.
Anyone interested please pm me in case of copyright issues.

I was thinking of removing the trays for a while to focus on right brain
but this has become a habit of sort.
Yeah, crazy.....

Happy Tot schooling!

Linking up to Tot School
Does anyone else keep typing tit instead of tot?


Sylvia said...

You are too funny Jessica!

Jessica said...

Hi Slyvia :)

Guess I am the fat funny lady now :p

Another 5-6 weeks to put an end to all the waddling and puffing.

Baby Darren said...

Glad to meet you there too. You are such a hardworking mother. I salute you. Little tiger was such a good boy in the class. Isabel can never have this kind of attention span. We are not joining ditoso. If we ever join, it will be a weekday also. Anyway, we still can meet up when you come over.

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