Monday, 4 June 2012

Tot School: A Week Without Trays

Tiger's 23.5 months

Last week, fat momma (me) did not prepare trays because:

1. I was lazy
2. Not feeling the creative forces
3. Busy preparing right brain materials
4. Giving me us a break

We did whatever Tiger wanted which was this most of the time:

He was dancing with his bells to the Japanese Alphabet Song downloaded from Brillkids.
We also did a lot of Brillkid's Little Reader

We read a lot.
He wanted to thread but this was too tough.
"Help" was the most used word during times like these :)

So, I decided to be a better person and get my big butt moving.

These are his themeless trays for the week:
You know your social life's dead when you are up till three am doing this instead of clubbing
on a Saturday night.
The door b***h will probably bar me from entering from being "fat" anyway.

Oh, same goes for the sex life as well  :p

Left (top to bottom):
1. Music: Tuning fork and cards for C and C sharp
2. Shapes: Laminated shapes with silicone shapes
3. Alphabet: Mommy-made book  {Printed from}
4. Vocabulary: Wild animals figurines, name tags, and pictures

Right (top to bottom):
1. Literature/Science: The Carrot Seed book, life cycle of carrot,
picture of real carrot, pipe cleaners for craft carrot
2. Numbers: Puzzles and beads
3. Pretend play: finger puppets and theater
<<< >>>

Life isn't always simple:

This is work in progress when I am working

Ditoso first lesson:
Tiger was the only student for the time being
which I don't like cause he tends to misbehave without a classmate.
He completed 95% of the work but was a bit of a diva because grandma joined us.
Anyhow, I thought he did splendidly for his first lesson.
He was exhausted and slept on the way home.

I have the sample lesson on Word.
Anyone interested please pm me in case of copyright issues.

I was thinking of removing the trays for a while to focus on right brain
but this has become a habit of sort.
Yeah, crazy.....

Happy Tot schooling!

Linking up to Tot School
Does anyone else keep typing tit instead of tot?

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