Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tot School: 23.5 months

This is a very late report on Tiger's schooling activities at 23.5 months.

He is still very into alphabets at the moment and sees them everywhere. Even when he spat out his cherry tomato the other day and it landed in a v-shape, he shouted, "Mama, see...V"

Speech is developing well and he surprises me all the time. Last night we went for dinner to celebrate Grandma's b'day and as we were leaving, I spotted the cutest Reebok basketball shoes. Tiger refused to try them and when I presented him with an array of shoes (that I thought were super cute) he shook his head and said, "No nice, mama" When I asked him which one did he liked best, he pointed at his own scruffy sneakers and said, "This one". Even the poor sales girl was laughing and she said, "Your son is saving money for you." So, we left the shop with zero purchase.

I am so proud that he is really keen on reading these days, especially the Brillkids books. Every night, he would choose a few and bring them to bed so that we could cuddle and read them till bedtime. I am just glad that book baskets could be part of his busy bags/baskets now....woohoo!
Daddy is allowed to read too ^.^

Fine motor wise, he is now able to draw circles and several alphabets like V, l, t, etc

<<< >>>

Here are some shots that I would like to cherish and share. We did a lot of other stuff but some involved nudity on my part (painting during bath time kind of stuff) which might be offensive to some :p

He LOVED the simple alphabet book that I put together.
We used stickers, dot painters and his new M&D stampers, etc

Shape finders and the silicone shapes
He can recognize and name most of them now except diamond.

Music: with tuning fork

More alphabet.
He MUST put them in sequence, MUST!

Alphabet game:
Jumping on alphabets Mommy called out.

Chicka chicka Boom boom and his mini foam alphabets.
He LOVED this game that he created himself.
"Mama, sing"
Then, he places the alphabets on the pages like a puzzle

A renewed interest in Alphie

Mini magnets game and buttons

Reading & props:
The Carrot Seed with pipe cleaners, toy carrots and faux grass.
Here he was watering the seed.
We used some pipe cleaners as weeds

Pretend play:
Teacher-student (Mr Bear)
Teaching Mr Bear the name of the planets

Sensory bin:
His recycled rainbow bin.
We added some mini dinosaurs and foam alphabets
He calls it 'wice'

Daddy time:
Playing his "drum" to Jolly phonics

Mini "fun thinker' from Popular Bookstore.
He enjoyed this as well.

During the two weeks, Tiger ignored the finger puppets
Most of the activities we did revolved around his love of the alphabets at the moment.
So, I just played along.
Anything for you, baby!

Right brain
We are doing home practise on a nightly basis.
I will write more about this soon.
We are enjoying our Sunday classes at Ditoso and Tiger's showing progress.

We are attending our last class tonight...sigh...
We will miss it for sure

Umm, we kinda skipped this a lot this week

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