Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Organizing: Nesting Part 2 {Study room}

 Study room

I have a confession to make.
Little Tiger's study room is my favourite room in the house.

I suspect it's his fav too
since it is the first thing he ask for in the morning

Just because Little Dragon's arriving soon doesn't mean my boy gets any less attention.
No way!

In case I end up getting butchered (so crude, I know),
I decided to make the study more Tiger-friendly.

<<< >>>

We love the little IKEA table and chair set despite 2 mini accidents, so far.
He has since learned that sitting in a civilised manner would decrease further incidents.
The little pink MAMMUT stool is "Mama tool"
Nobody else is allowed to sit on it  ^.^
We do most of our painting/writing/stamping/right brain memory work/flashing on the desk.

His Tot Tray Shelves have been moved to the side.
He is now Montessori-ed, hehe, the mats are a MUST for trays.

In order to provide more space for Tiger's books since he is able to handle paperbacks now,
I added the another bookcase (from his playroom).
Actually, the help did most of the heavy lifting since my pelvis is killing me.

His Panda Chair has been promoted to the study as well.

I am not sure if the new arrangement is refreshing or it tickles his fancy
but he definitely love reading A LOT more,
much to my delight.

The upper shelves are reserved for his right brain materials and mommy's papers.
More organizing is needed here.

Last but not least, Tiger's fav bookcase.
His puzzle storage...
I have since rearranged the items so that the favoured ones are easily accessible. 

Next up: Playroom

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