Monday, 4 June 2012

Puzzles: Fun Thinkers

For the past two weeks, Lil Tiger's been identifying similar objects in his surrounding environment and telling me, "same".  When I dressed him up like Daddy in white shirt and jeans, he was super thrilled :)

Last night after blazing through his trays and Little Reader, he asked for puzzles. I was planning to print out some simple matching cards for him when I remembered the Fun Thinker set.

Fun Thinkers set is designed for 4-12 year old. This product originated from Germany and it is represented by Grolier Asia in Malaysia. Each set comes with a hinged plastic grid and sixteen number tiles. I was told that since I bought from Grolier, there is a lifetime replacement guarantee should any cards or tiles go missing. I have yet to verify this claim but trust me, I will make a fuss if they don't since the salesman gave me such a hard time after purchasing. I am nice but only to a certain extend.

The Fun Thinker books are 11 paperbacks of different subjects:

English Levels

  1. Level 1 Word Play
  2. Level 2 Sounds Like Fun
  3. Level 3 Word For Word Fun

Math Levels

  1. Level 1 Number Count
  2. Level 2 Figure On Fun
  3. Level 3 Facts, Figures & Fun

Thinking Skills

  1. Level 1 Shhh, I'm Thinking
  2. Level 2 Mind Your P's & Clues
  3. Level 3 mind Puzzles

All Around Fun

  1. Rhymes & reasons
  2. FunThinkers™ Match-Frame

I flipped through the books and decided that the first few pages were simple matching activities which were fine for Tiger's level.

Since he is crazy about puzzles, this was a hit. Or is it like Daddy's saying, "New toilet, nice to poop"?

Matching colours (thinking skills)

 Find the Uppercase (English)
He kept asking "Where's a?"

  Counting (Math)
He was a little upset that the numbers were not in sequence.
So, he removed the grid and did his own matching

Here's a video from Youtube showing how Fun Thinkers is used.

We have the Piccolo and Primo sets as well. Call me a kiasu :ppppp. After he is bored with this, we shall try Piccolo.

These sets are expensive, very expensive, very very expensive. I think I have made my point. You can get similar products (made in China) for a puny fraction of the price like Wisdom Star (Piccolo-like) and the Xiao Tian Cai (Fun Thinkers-like).

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