Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Little Dragon: Nesting Part 1

I finally packed my hospital bag last night.
(Already late by my neurotic standards)
This time I am bringing my Medela single breast pump but I can't find the shield...darn!
Otherwise, I am all set.

I was telling Daddy that in case of emergency, please bring this bag to the hospital
and to remember the last-minute-stuff-note on the mirror.
He replied, "I know lar, this is not the first time, okay?"

Little Dragon will be 'bunking' with us, so this is her little world for the first few months.
I would like a nursery but due to space limitations, here we are:

I am just swooning over the PINK.
After all the blue, trucks, balls and boring boy fashion, you really can't blame me....
The crib and crib bumper was Tiger's (which he used for 1 month only, brat!)
The crib bumper is for aesthetic purpose until she is able to roll over.

So, come, baby, come...but just turn around first, pleeaaase....

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