Friday, 29 June 2012

Organizing: Nesting Part 3 {Playroom}


This is where Tiger spend most of his time when I am at work.
I can't wait for Lil Dragon to share the room with him.

In order to create more storage,
we bought a cheap beech coloured cupboard from Giant to replace the chestnut bookcase.
I was planning to vamp up the cupboards but that's for another day since there is so much to do.

I finally moved the IKEA glass cabinet into the store room.
The moving resulted in pelvic pain to date..hmmph...

I moved my old books and files to the top and covered them with thick blue cardboard cut into waves.
Now, we have more a little more space and definitely more organized.
I don't know about you but I feel exhilarated after a massive organizing spree..
Hehe, psycho, I know...I am for hire if you need someone for organizing.
Heck, I'll probably do it for free.

 I was saving the parking garage for after the arrival of Lil Dragon so that Tiger will be kept busy but
I caved in to his incessent "Open, open, PLEASE!"

While I was putting it together, I was so glad I did not wait.
It took 2 hours and a bloody thumb.
That's how much of an idiot I am at doing stuff like this.

Here, Tiger was doing his happy strumming dance 

 He absolutely loved it!

According to Tiger:
Mama: red car
Tiger: blue car
Daddy: black car

It fitted nicely onto his train table which I covered with black felt and some large puzzle pieces.
We also added some trees and petrol station for fun.

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