Monday, 18 June 2012

Family: Happy Birthday Tiger

This post is a week overdue and then some pictures just refused to be uploaded.

Not an easy week, really.

Let's just say the hiatus was due to a man and his bike & people who lack common sense.

On Tiger's birthday morning, we measured his height and he placed a truck on his personal ruler.

Then, he told me to "Go, go, go"
He had to take a dump behind his chair, complete with this pose, hah!

We had a fun day at E kids in Ikano where he roamed the mini playground for two hours followed by a spree at Toys R Us, sponsored by Daddy.

Here's his loot:

Fast Lane Remote Control Car
Fast Lane Parking Garage
Water Guns
2 Leapfrog DVDS
Alphie Number Cards

Favourite gift? Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp Set.
Psst...nerd alert!

At night we gathered at Ashleeprettimommy house since she is under house arrest after delivering a handsome baby boy.

Tiger was preoccupied with the cake icing he got on his hand in every shot ^.^

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