Monday, 25 June 2012

Tot Trays: Montessori Trays at 24 months

In order to save time so that I have more time to prepare Tiger's right brain material,
we are doing montessori work trays this week.

Picture: Vivaldi with facts
Tuning fork and bells

Cute little watering can and a little bucket.
The can is just the right size for Tiger and oh-so-cute!
A small hanky for wiping spills
(Psst...he loves this!)

A little tough for Tiger but we shall try

Mini knobbed cylinder
If he finds this too easy, we will add another block.

Stamping and alphabets
Brought over from last week since he enjoyed it so.

Tweezing sponges
The sponges came from an old sponge bomb I made earlier.
He gets to do some sorting as well

I forgot to take a pic of the globe and map/flags :p

Mommy have been nesting like mad and this is part of it.
He is able to handle the paperbacks with care now, so I moved them down for easier access.

More on nesting madness and right brain materials soon!

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