Thursday, 1 March 2012

Little Dragon: 21 weeks

This was my appointment with my gynae last week:

Dr B  : Aaah, 20 weeks. How's everything?
Me    : Great
Dr B  : You have gained 2 kgs. That's good.
Me    : Weak smile
Dr B  : Blood results look fine. A little anemic.
Me    : Hmm hmm
Dr B  : Do you want to know the sex?
Dr B  : Parameters are appropriate. Very active.
Me    : (Praying & chanting) No bird bird, no bird bird...
Dr B  : Looks like you are having a girl!
Me    : YEEESSSSS! (with fist pumps and all)
Dr B  : Smiles. 99% a girl
Me    : Raise one eye brow. Huh?
Dr B  : It's a girl
Me    : Stupid grin

Called hubs stat:

Me    : I just had my scan. Baby's fine.
Hubs : Boy or girl?
Me    : Excuse me. That's not the point of the ultrasound. I am not telling yooouuuuu....
Hubs : From your voice, I can tell it's a girl, okay?
Me    : Darn it...

Called mom, called sis, etc

We are having a baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, my brain's gone pink :)



the2Balqis said...

wow congrats! perfect pair no doubt!
(thot if u r having a boy again maybe we can switch...hahah!)

Ali said...

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! Tiger will have his mei-mei after all :D

Discovering Montessori said...

COngratulations! Girls are mad fun for us mommas:)On the otherhand boys are too. Blessed are you to be having the best of both worlds. Thank you for sharing.

San said...

Congratulations Jessica. Hope you have fun shopping for pink :)

Jessica said...

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for all the love. The best part is I can 'close shop' and maybe reopen in another say 5-6 years?...he he...

OMG, San, are you a mind reader? I am already thinking of all the dresses, leggings, hairbands and little skirts I can buy...he he

afiq-ctmm said...

Congrats Jess: enjoy your pregnancy - and wish you and baby healthy always :) Take care!

Jade said...

Congratulations! little dragon is a girl.. :)

Jessica said...

Hi Afiq and Jade, thank you very much. Hopefully nothing changes :p

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