Thursday, 1 March 2012

Little Dragon: 21 weeks

This was my appointment with my gynae last week:

Dr B  : Aaah, 20 weeks. How's everything?
Me    : Great
Dr B  : You have gained 2 kgs. That's good.
Me    : Weak smile
Dr B  : Blood results look fine. A little anemic.
Me    : Hmm hmm
Dr B  : Do you want to know the sex?
Dr B  : Parameters are appropriate. Very active.
Me    : (Praying & chanting) No bird bird, no bird bird...
Dr B  : Looks like you are having a girl!
Me    : YEEESSSSS! (with fist pumps and all)
Dr B  : Smiles. 99% a girl
Me    : Raise one eye brow. Huh?
Dr B  : It's a girl
Me    : Stupid grin

Called hubs stat:

Me    : I just had my scan. Baby's fine.
Hubs : Boy or girl?
Me    : Excuse me. That's not the point of the ultrasound. I am not telling yooouuuuu....
Hubs : From your voice, I can tell it's a girl, okay?
Me    : Darn it...

Called mom, called sis, etc

We are having a baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, my brain's gone pink :)

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