Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tot Trays: Train/Transportation Week

Tiger's a 21 month-old.

I was going to share this last week but we were a little stressed up with Little Tiger's
Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease.

He was a little fussy, bossy and itchy but otherwise active as usual.
He did take his role as BOSS very seriously though.
We played 'school', gave him lots of Ipad time, lots of juice; all on demand. is going to be tough 'de-bossing' him.

Play area
This is a little play area for different types of transportation.
The town map in the middle is actually large a 8-piece puzzle.
His toys are kept in the travel soft box that unzips into another town scene.
This is just for fun.

His study table
  • His transportation themed books.
  • His sticky alphabets
  • Some Crayola stampers
  • His Crayola Dry Erase Center and some markers

The trays:
I am now leaving the top shelf for his right brain home pratice stuff:

1. Flashcards basket
includes whole words, transportation, Chinese words, Doman dots.

2. Music box
Tuning fork, Montessori bell, flashcard of G note, and Mr Wagner
(I no longer need to display this, Tiger knows its place)

Pegged puzzle:
This is way too simple for Tiger.
I bought too many of these :p

Magnet puzzle:

This is more challenging with multiple-sized circles.
I didn't have large magnets, so I made some from foam paper and attached them to some magnets.
The train engine and letters are from ELC

DIY tray
Making his own March/Transportation calender with some stickering fun!

Art fun:
Race car action with printout from Making Learning Fun.
The plan is to dip the wheels in paint! 

No particular reason tray :p
Leapfrog Fridge magnet

Transportation themed from:
Mommy made Thomas cards

New toy!
Really cool map with holes for flags
 We are learning about The USA this week
That means getting to know the map and flag.
I'll also read some trivia facts to hhim

Of course, the beautiful new globe!

Other crafty ideas that was put on hold:

1. Washing his toy cars outdoors
2. Messy painting with wheels
3. Painting giant bus( made from large cardboard)


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