Thursday, 29 March 2012

Space Sensory Bin and Command Center

We are officially launching Space Week here in Tiger's Tot School
 Imagine if suddenly he decides that he isn't into space anymore?


Here's the space sensory bin I put together before bedtime
The Space Bin is very simple.
  • Black beans as base. 
  • Glow-in-the-dark Moon, Sun and Stars
  • Mommy-made felt planets
  • Some small prickly pom-poms

The Sensory Bin is placed at Tiger's Space Command Center, which is really his Art Center :p
Here's what I did:

On the wall:
I stuck a space poster (from Popular bookstore) on his dry erase board (from Becon Stationery)
Then I covered his art material with a piece of black felt. To reduce distractions/space statics :p

On the floor:
I just lined the floor with some shiny, foil paper, meant for outdoor use (from Daiso).
On it are his illuminated globe (from ELC), sensory bin and some space-themed books.
Note: The gorgeous globe is currently on half price promotion!


I rummaged through our collection and found these:

A space touchy-feely book
Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me (Tiger loves this book)
Berenstain Bear's On The Moon (Chinese & English version)
Fact books (for EK) Planet Earth Question & Answer Book
Scholastic 1000 Things You Should Know About Space

Update: 03 April 2012

He LOVES his space center!!!!!!!!!!!

His fav activity, asking the slave (that's me) to name the planets over and over again

and again...

and again.....Not that I mind ^.^

This is his favourite bin to date.
He thinks it's funny to hear me say, "ladle"


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