Sunday, 1 April 2012

Phonics Play: Spelling Puzzle

After an afternoon of photo shoot on Sunday, it is safe to say that Tiger have no future in the modelling industry :p

This was followed by a half-hour nap en route to Grandma's place for dinner and then he was an Energizer bunny again. At Grandma's, it was obvious that Tiger's definitely a cat person and a lover, not a fighter. He kept calling the cats and avoided the dogs like a plague. He is also learning to stand up to bullies, well 1 bully to be exact, his plus-sized cousin, Prettichubbi. He still gave in  99% of the time but I will take the 1% as a major improvement.

After dinner, he slept on the way home and made a fuss about waking up. I was 'supposed' to be filing Daddy's boring paperwork when I couldn't take his whining anymore.

I shouted from upstairs, "Darling, do you want to come up for school?"

Within seconds, he was up ^.^. Yup, he 'flies' up the stairs these days. He is that fast.

So, my nap deprived son and I played school till bedtime. (Oh, he woke up early today as well, wanting to 'school' some more ;P )

He is loving the space chart and sensory bin. We were scooping beans in his command centre when he spotted this. An alien space puzzle (well. not really but what the heck)

The puzzle is meant for 3 years and above but since when anything isn't?
I only took out the pieces as required to spell each word and placed them randomly on the mat.
Then, I made the phonics sounds as per alphabet for him to complete each little puzzle.
Excellent fine motor work!

He loved it so much, he kept asking for more :)
We also did big words like tortoise which he enjoyed (more pieces!)
Then, we read each word.
He asked for this again in the morning ^.^

I bought this set from Toy R Us warehouse sale sometime back.
Other FRANK puzzles are also available in Jaya Jusco, Metrojaya, Borders &
They have memory matching ones as well.
These are made in India and they are pretty durable and nicely illustrated.
Price is very competitive compared to other brands. About RM18.90 per set.


chantelle said...

Hi Jessica, did you buy any of the tweele wink DVD? Is it necessary to send baby to the class if you hv the DVD? Tq.

Jessica said...

Hi Chantelle,

I do have the whole set but Tiger's not very keen on it. He LOVES the classes and his teacher at Tweedlewink. every child's different :)

curiositykills said...

i saw this online last weekend. it is similar ! i bookmarked it so that i'd remember to buy when ds is older. thank u for sharing. now that we have it in msia, it makes shopping easier. :) n cheaper ;)

Jessica said...

No problem. Glad to be of service :)

Gosh, whenever I see the stuff on fatbraintoys, I go a little nuts! Then I see the price and come back down to Earth :p

talha said...

Great puzzle card ideas for kids,very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I cant find this kind of puzzle in Sabah. Do u know online where can i buy this from? Except the

Jessica Tan said...

I have seen similar in toyrus.
You can purchase from rakuten:
As you can see, I am such a pro shopper

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