Monday, 16 April 2012

Tot School: S is for Star and Space

He enjoyed almost everything that I set up for Star/space week  ^.^
Perhaps it is due to the fact that we are taking things easier, allowing him to have the time to enjoy the process.
I am still energetic enough but I can feel the toil of pregnancy catching up.
Hence the slowing down...

He is still saying NO! to flashcards =.="
Also, he is refusing to do Little Math or Little Reader. Darn it!
I have just downloaded Beta version of Little Musician and he LOVES it!
It supplements our perfect pitch training.
Here's the link: Little Musician
You have to give this a try :)

If not for Tot School & Montessori, we'll probably be watching Barney, a lot..hehe!
My little nerd loves the Peter Weatherall songs I downloaded from You tube,
especially the Push & Pull Song.

His speech is developing at a breathtaking speed. He is asking,
Where, Who, How? ALL THE TIME.

The Tot Tray Setup here

Here are some snapshots into our School life:

Here's Tiger with the S cards.
He enjoyed naming the planets.

As expected, we did not get the moon phases on the scratch cards :)

He did not like the glass beads I prepared.
So, I replaced them with smiley stickers.
Tiger called them the "bleck bleck" stickers while sticking out his tongue

He went into Crazy Tot Mode again and did all these.
He kept asking for more when he was done, even after a bath :)

He loved the matching activity with the planet cards.
I lost count how many times he chose this tray.
By the end of first week, he was working independently.
Monkey's in the pic too because, well, he's pretty much around all the time :)

He REALLY enjoyed learning the names of the planets.
Here, he matched our felt planets to the poster

Making 'space' with black crayon and stars

The Math Peg puzzle.
He knows 0-10, so this is independent work.
Arranging in sequence.

He even extended the activity by matching them to his sticky numbers

Cling gels
He tore 'Saturn' into pieces :p

Reciting his alphabets.
I gave him the uppercase stickers for matching.
He is in his letters phase right now.

He is still very much in love with his Space Sensory Bin and Centre ^.^

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