Friday, 3 February 2012

Tot School: Week 18

Tot Trays: Week 18  a.k.a OCD Mom Week

Tiger is 19.5 months
Little Dragon is 16 weeks :)

OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

After a few weeks of preparation and another week of celebration for CNY, we are officially picking up from where we left off.

Tiger really enjoyed the past 2 weeks of crafty goodness. He called his handprint dragon "chop-chop". I think it was his favourite =)

After spending some time looking back at the previous posts, I came to realize that we were slacking a little in some areas and leaning heavily towards trays and crafts. We have not been practicing our Chinese as well. My bad...

So, in order to restore some balance to our schedule, I have decided to lay out the trays according these headings: This is where the OCD comes in

1. Math
2. Music
3. Language/Chinese
4. Sensorial
5. Practical life
6. Puzzle

These are Montessori-inspired and planned according to Tiger's interest and my observations:

    I have laid out his 'Doman' math dots cards (for flashing)with some beads.
    He did not enjoy the tray very much the last time,
    so I added some colourful math flashcards (no numerals) and his abacus (not in pic)

     Musical note 'd'
    His corresponding flashcards, tuning fork and bell

    This Melissa and Doug puzzle is his CNY gift from his 'ang pow' money.
    I have decided that he gets to use roughly 5% of his money for spending every year.
    The rest goes into our joint account/college fund.
    He will have to calculate the amount if he wants the money when he is older.
    If he gets it wrong, NO PRESENT!!
    Did I mention that I am evil?

    This puzzle is actually easy for Tiger but for some reason he loves it.
    Since it is self-correcting, he doesn't require any help.
    He practices phonics with this as well.

    Since I wasn't going to spend a fortune on the pink tower, this is our replacement =)
    We are also practicing our colours with these.
    I think Tiger's colour blind :p
    Everything's purple, occasionally blue.

    Since he has been showing some interest in Chinese lately, we are focusing a little more on these.
    We are repeating the series again, this time with corresponding cards.

    Practical life
    Dry pouring with heart-shaped clear beads (in preparation for Valentine's)
    I wanted to use beans or rice but the thought of picking them up over and over wasn't too thrilling.

    Home practice basket
    His ESP, linking memory and speed play materials
    I have prepared the pre primer Dolch as well.
    He used to hate flash cards, so we'll see how this goes
    I am a whole word & phonics lover. So, we'll do both.

    Phonics station
    This is a new addition to his room since he is rather keen on phonics
    We are starting with the commonest letters s, n, a, p, i, t
    He already knows s, a, p, i; therefore this is not a lot.

    Tiger's never really been a fan of flashcards and I have not pushed him.
    This week, we are a little heavy on the cards but if he isn't keen,
    I'll remove them and bring in the back-up trays. Again the OCD-ness....

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