Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tot Trays: O is for Owl Setup

These are our trays for the next week or two, depending on Tiger's interest.

Since I am not that into birds, I realised that there weren't too many birdy things around..

After rummanging through my stash, these were the trays I came up with:

1. Puzzle:  
Three-piece-puzzles of rooster and duckling

2. Art & sticker
Some flamingoes (the only birds stickers I have) with a Monet printout

3. Tangram
Tiger played with this last week and enjoyed the books that came with it.
So, I copied a bird diagram for him.
He'll need help with this but the point is getting the idea across instead of solving the puzzle.
I love tangrams :p

4. Play dough, feathers & a goose
For free play and creativity

5. Language
Chinese strokes magnets with flashcards

6. Phonics & vocabulary
M&D See and Spell: Bird and duck

7. Worksheets
From 1+1+1=1 bird pack
Making Learning Fun

 8. Music
Note F: Tuning fork, bell & flashcards
I added Beethoven this week with some points of interest on the back.

9. Books
i. Owl Babies
ii. Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus
iii. What's in The Egg?
iv. One Little Pigeon

10. Craft baskets:
Basket 1: Bird Feeder
Basket 2: McD carton for making owls
Basket 3: Owl printout with glue & feathers

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