Sunday, 26 February 2012

Messy Art: Busy Ball Painting

Thankfully, Grandma went for dental appointment and left me in charge of Tiger on Saturday.
Otherwise, I would have been lazy again..he he

He was terribly excited for 'painting'.

He chose to wear his Thomas bathing suit sans swimming diapers.
I begged and begged for him to put them on but to no avail.

As predicted, within 1 minute, he peed in his bathing suit!
He pointed at his pee and shouted "Uh-oh!"
I said, "It's OK..just pee"

He refused to listen and cried...he he

Here's the pee boy after cleaning up :)

I came up with this idea after he picked up a ball in the morning.
I have seen pics of children enjoying marble painting on pinterest and blogs.

Since I am a little scared of him trying to eat the marbles, I opted to use his Playskool busy balls instead.
Instead of a box, we used his small inflable pool to paint on.
It was perfect!

As always, he was more interested in squeezing out the paint than the actual work.

Checking out the 'painted' ball.
I didn't get a shot of us painting as we were rolling the balls back and forth..
I was messy too!

Our art work.

Simple and fun for a lazy Saturday morning..

Then it was off to Kim Gary's for breakfast with Daddy.


On Sunday, I overslept :p
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