Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine's Sensory Bin

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This was my morning, after snoozing the alarm clock...
Mommy    : Happy Valentine's Day
Daddy      : Huh?
Mommy    : Happy Valentine's Day
Daddy      : Oh, hmm, mumble mumble
Mommy    : Love you
Daddy       : *snore*
Mommy     : =.="
It was no better with the other man in my life...
Mommy   : Hi, morning baby.
Tiger        : Eh? (looks for Grandma) Wuuhuuhuuhuuu (fake cry)
Mommy   : Are you hungry?
Tiger        : Nods
Mommy   : You want milk?
Tiger        : Shakes head
Mommy   : You want Grandma to give you milk?
Tiger        : Nods
Mommy   :  =.="

Since Daddy's busy with work, we will be spending some quality time with this bin.
It's okay because nothing beats spending one-on-one time with Tiger =)

 Here's the bin.
There are a lot more stuff in this bin compared to the previous ones.
Mostly because I just gathered all the red stuff in the room  =)
Poms-poms of different sizes and textures in red, pink and purple
Some hearts (from the previous pouring activity)
Red polyester flowers (from colour bin)
Reusable ice (not frozen)

Red container (from stacking cups)
Small pink tin bucket (wedding favour)
Red tongue depressors
Red cylinder blocks
M&D alphabet blocks to spell L.O.V.E.
ELC shapes card with pink heart
Heart shape finder

His tools in a separate container

Happy Valentine's Day again =)
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