Thursday, 9 February 2012

DIY: Our Montessori Colour Box 1

Tiger's almost 20 months

I mentioned that I was suspicious that Tiger might be colour blind since he called everything purple.
As it turns out, he isn't!


I made Tiger a Colour Box 1 some time ago but he wasn't interested. So, these 3 sets of primary colours have been lying around patiently.

I downloaded the free template from: They also have the template for Box 2 and 3.

Then I just laminated them. So, they cost next to nothing!

But I am going to call them tablet anyways...

Some lovely mommies actually cut plywood and glued paint chips to them for a more profesional look.

I want to have 10 fingers to grow old with, so the laminated version is good enough :p

Homemade Tablets from balsa wood, paint samples
and mod podge from Maybe Montessori

He was a little bored after doing some flashcards work last night and did not want his Tot trays. So, I took out the colour tablets and showed him.

At first, I just placed the tablet randomly. He made a train, as usual :)

I removed the blue tablet and placed it on the mat separately. Then I asked if he could find the match.

He did! We repeated the same process for red and yellow.

When I pointed to blue and asked "Do you know what colour this is?"

He said," Buuuu". Then he laughed and ran around the room...

Cleaning his tablet with a wet tissue

My presentation ain't what Maria Montessori would have approved of but we adapt different methods to suit ours. I am not about to blow a haemorrhoid if Tiger wants to make a train or hold the card without a pincer grip.

Our learning philosophy is learn as you may and have a fun along the way.


If you are anal about the presentation, please visit Info Montessori

If you are interested in purchasing the colour boxes locally (to save on shipping!), they are available at USL Educational Supplies
The prices are not stated at the website but I remembered they were pricey.

Another local source is Bambini Montessori

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