Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Little Dragon: 18 weeks

Little Dragon is about 18 weeks now (about 5 1/2 inches long) and he or her is still a mystery in terms of gender =)

I am starting to feel some small movements especially at night. Tiger was a superb hiccup-per towards the end, I wonder if Little Dragon's the same?

My belly's growing at an astounding rate and I have just a hint of waistline left. Most of my normal clothes no longer fit, which means clothes shopping, a lot...hah!

Differences between this pregnancy and the first:

1. I was telling hubs the other day that I feel bad about not feeling preggy all the time, kinda like ignoring my poor little Dragon. I feel like an old-timer, not re-thinking about every little decision I make. In other words, I feel a lot calmer and ready.

2. MORE SEX., enough said. When I was carrying Tiger, we did not have sex for the first 5-6 months *faint*  This time, I made it clear that we are having sex, day and night, if I want to. Yeah, pregnancy makes people horny...

3. I am not going ga-ga over baby products. Feels like a been-there-done-that thingy.

4. We have decided on baby names =)
If we are having a girl: Isabelle
If Dragon's a boy: *Ian (Hubs thinks it cool to name his kid after legendery Ian Rush of Liverpool team)

*Subject to change

Weight: 48.5 kg
Appetite: Crazy!! ...but I am trying to control myself. I really want to be a hot momma..
Skin: Drier. I am using Rosken: Dry Skin Repair. Love it! Forget Palmer's....not mosturising enough.
Boobs: C cup
Butt: M size (Can't zip my size 's' shorts)

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